September 3, 2020

Why our Soul Alignment is more Important than our Purpose.

There is a belief system that is running rampant in our society that pressures us to find our purpose.

We’re told that we’re meant to follow this one thing throughout our lives, and that we’re somehow incomplete if we don’t arrive at a life-consuming purpose.

It starts in school: “What are you going to study? What is going to be your job? What’s going to be your career?” Most people simply think that’s the way purpose works. It’s a one-track thing.

And often, we set dreams aside if they don’t seem to offer an immediate and clear path for financial security. We simply choose what we can live with and go on with our lives. We focus on our careers, marriages, or kids, and it seems to fulfill us for a while…until we reach the time when we start wondering what’s next. We start asking ourselves, “Is this really all there is?”

Because we know we are meant for more.

At first, I thought there must be something wrong with me. I wondered why I was no longer fulfilled with my thriving career in television. It was a great job and I had even won an Emmy, but ever since I was five I wanted to be an actress. Throughout my life, people kept squashing that dream, telling me it was something I couldn’t do. So, I went to college with no idea about what I wanted to study and I settled for working behind the scenes in television.

I loved it at first, but it slowly started to become boring and difficult for me. I wanted to focus more on my hobbies and extracurriculars outside of work, like studying acting. Soon, opportunities started lining up for me. Eventually, I left my career with MTV and NBC to pursue my dream of acting. That’s when I first felt what it was to be in soul alignment.

Synchronicities started showing up for me and my acting career took off. I was quickly cast as the lead role in an Off-Broadway play. And as I was living in alignment with my soul, my psychic mediumship abilities grew. I felt my purpose was evolving. Giving readings and helping people became more important to me than acting.

Eventually, I discovered I could teach others how to get in touch with their own guides and live a life from the seat of their soul. Now, I’ve gotten to help thousands of people follow their dreams and live in soul alignment. But if I had gotten hung up on just one purpose, I would never have gotten here.

Your soul’s purpose will evolve and change throughout your life. You have to be ready to evolve and explore. Be an explorer in your life—it’s about discovery.

Often, people come to me because they’ve enjoyed their careers, but as they approach retirement, they start questioning their purpose. Sometimes they feel a little empty about it, facing the crossroad of what’s next. But the truth is that you do not have to wait for retirement to find alignment. You have your dreams for a reason and your dreams lead you to your purpose. You just have to be willing to delete the outdated stories that say you can’t fulfill them. Because you can.

Being in alignment with your soul is everything. It is what allows you to know yourself, your truth, and your passions, and let it all evolve. Alignment unlocks your creativity. When your creativity is locked up, whatever you do feels like a chore; it drains your energy. If you feel lost or are struggling with what to do, then you know you are out of alignment. When you are in alignment, your decisions are easy because you’re in constant communication with your deeper purpose, your deeper soul, your why, and your truth.

So how do we get there?

Meet SASS, the 4-Step Technique on how to get into Soul Alignment

1. Subconscious Awareness

Start by becoming aware of your thoughts. Become conscious of the things that draw your attention and give you joy, that bring you into alignment.

Once you become aware of your unconscious thoughts, you start to realize what truly brings you joy. You begin to align with your soul using that joy and you feel the support of the universe as synchronicity begins to happen in your life.

2. Alignment With Your Soul

Soul alignment comes from complete communication with your truth, your divine energy, and living from the center of your being. This is how you begin creating a life full of magic, miracles, and more. It’s when you know what brings you joy and what doesn’t.

There are two big things that will get you into alignment. The first one is to stop saying yes to things when you really want to say no. The second is remembering who you really are and not just who you were told to be.

3. Soul Ignition

You get to ignite your soul. What do you think an ignited soul feels like? It feels like living in joy. It goes beyond knowing what brings you joy to actually living it.

Sure, sometimes you may still have to scoop the litter box, but that is surrounded by working with great people, living in nature, taking walks in the woods, doing yoga, playing tennis, or whatever it is you love doing.

So, you need to know your joy and you need to practice living in it.

4. Synchronicity

Once you’re clear about your thoughts, aligned with your soul, and ignited by your joy on a daily basis, synchronicity begins showing up for you.

People often ask about how to truly manifest. The answer is that the only way to manifest is through soul alignment because soul alignment is what brings synchronicity.

The universe does not know what to give you if you aren’t clear about it yourself. Worst yet, if you are living by other people’s agendas, you’ll receive a bunch of things you don’t want. That is why it’s so important to be conscious of your thoughts, align with your soul, remember who you are, light up your soul, and do the things you love. That’s when the magic happens.

Anyone can get into soul alignment using the four steps of the SASS technique. It doesn’t require taking big, courageous action, like traveling the world. It happens through simple things, like finally taking that yoga class you’ve been wanting to do, or allowing time for a hobby you enjoy.

Soon, you’ll start to recognize the signs the universe is bringing to you and you’ll start saying yes to the things that are meant to unfold on your path. By following the path of soul alignment, you’ll uncover each iteration of your purpose as it changes and evolves. It’s about noticing what speaks to you. It’s about receiving the guidance of your soul. Most importantly, it’s about living a life that is free. When you live in soul alignment, that’s what’s available to you.

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