October 30, 2020

Why October’s Blue Moon is so Rare (plus 5 Magickal Ways to Celebrate). {October 31st}

2020’s full moon on Halloween is actually rarer than we may have originally thought.

A full moon on Halloween only occurs every 19 years. And not only is there a full moon on Halloween this year, it’s also a blue moon, which means it’s the second full moon in one month’s time.

Once in a blue moon was coined a popular phrase to describe something that doesn’t often happen, because a blue moon only occurs every 2.5 years (approximately). But wait, it gets even better! This year’s full moon will be seen from all time zones—and this hasn’t happened since 1944!

Oh, how exciting it is for us to experience such a powerful and rare event during our lifetime!

If you’re wondering how to celebrate, I’ve got a few ideas. With the spiritual veil at its thinnest, it’s the perfect time to go within and connect with the spiritual realm. Since 2020 has been mass chaos, I think some celebratory connection is just what we need to do after nearly a year of tragedy, uproar, fear, and isolation.

Grab your blue calcite crystals and gather up your feels, friends—this full moon release is about to get real magickal.



If you have crystals and Oracle cards, set them outside or by a window to be cleansed and charged while you sleep.

Your space

It’s always a good idea to cleanse your space when you’re releasing or healing in any way—physical cleansing aids in energetic and spiritual cleansing. Speaking of, if saging is your thing, grab a smudge stick or spray and use your cleansing intention to banish all negative energies from your space. If saging isn’t your thing, just opening your windows and clapping your hands will help to move and clear the energies of your space, enabling connection from Mother Nature to your inner space. You could also blast music, bang on pots and pans, or ring bells!

Your self

Run yourself a bath. If you have essential oils, use them to aid your relaxation and clarity. If not, don’t worry—the water, itself, is powerful. So showering works just as well, too. At this time, you’re cleansing. Let the water that you soak in or that runs over you grab hold of what no longer serves you for your highest good, everything that is impure, and let it take it all away. Ultimately circling down the drain and meeting its new form and place.


To begin, grab a pen and dump out every thought that’s within you. What are your worries? Your fears? What has been racing through your mind and leaving you feeling uneased? List everything you want to release. Now, burn it. Safely, please.


Take a seat and have a moment of silence, preferably outside so the moon’s energy can reach you best. If that’s not reasonably accessible to you, that’s okay. Now, light a candle or a bonfire, and watch the flame. As you watch the flame, watch your thoughts. Let the element of fire burn your unsettled energy. You can do this with incense as well, as the smoke joins the air, imagine any negative energy flowing with it—dissipating into its new form. Write down any insights that come to you at this time. When you’re finished, put out your flame with one final push of energetic release.

Read Tarot Cards

Spend a moment shuffling your cards. Focus on your intention, that which you wish to receive. And as you pull each card, ask the question that you intend for it to answer. Remember, the cards will call you out and they may show you things that you aren’t prepared to see. So, be mindful of your selections.

Here are a few spreads to use that fit the theme of this full moon’s magick:

3 Card Spreads

What I need to let go of.
How to reach my full potential.
What is coming to light, now.


Your guide.
Their mission in helping you.
A sign your guide will use to get your attention.


5 Card Spreads

What has grown since the new moon?
What can you be proud of?
Celebrate this.
Release this with the warning moon.
Let go of this before the new moon.


What energy has been hindering me?
What card best represents how I can work with this energy to better serve me?
What card best represents which obstacle I need to overcome?
What energy can I work on harnessing to better prepare for what’s best for me / the collective?
What is the central lesson to be learned from this cycle?


The essence of your guide.
A message from your guide.
What’s important in this moment.
How to be more open to messages from your guide in the future.
An action you can take to better honor and respect your guide.


What am I feeling at this moment?
Something I can work toward improving.
Something about the state of the world that scares me.
How can I express gratitude for what is?
What do I need more of right now?


Connecting to Spirits

How are you?
Do you have anything you wish to communicate?
Do you have any troubles?
Is there a message you wish to pass along?
How can I help you?


Other person.
What you need to know.


Protection message.
Spirits to guide your way.
Ghosts of the past to release.
A message from your ancestors/those who have passed.
How to see through the veil all year long.

Cast a Spell

If this idea spooks you, remember that the magic behind a spell is intention. Color psychology, crystals, fire, and aromatherapy help to amplify and focus the energy frequencies of intention.

Respect Palm Stone Spell

First, cleanse your alter and spread peony, pink rose, and carnation petals onto it. Then, place three tealight candles, in either white, pink, or yellow, onto your alter. Take a clear quartz or lapis lazuli Palm Stone into your hands and meditate on your intentions for self-worth, trust, and value. Do this for 15 minutes. Express gratitude before blowing out the candle.

Healing Full Moon Water

Cleanse the area where your water will be charging. If safest, keep your moon water inside of your home along a window. Place quartz crystals around a jar of water. Pick up and swirl your jar of water in your hand announcing these words: “Water of life, charge under the full moon’s might, and imbue and fill with healing light.” Allow the water and crystals to charge overnight. Express gratitude before using. You can drink the water the next day or save it for other uses.

Healing Moon Talisman

Cleanse your alter. Light a eucalyptus candle while visualizing healing energy. Grab a necklace made with a wooden or crystal pendant and wave it over the warmth of your candle while you say: “Necklace I imbue with healing light, charge under the full moon’s might, protect me from illness beginning tonight.” Hold the necklace in your hands and feel the energies that mix. Express gratitude, blow out your candle, and place the necklace under the moon’s light. Recharge during each full moon. Wear this necklace when you need healing energy.

May you wake feeling renewed and rejuvenated! May we all feel a collective shift, having worked toward releasing the negativity that has poisoned our spirits so we can move forth with positive guidance empowered by this incredible event. Wishing many blessings and healing wishes to you.

“Go within and see what beautiful messages are going to be given—and for the benefit of others.” ~ Cherokee Billie


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