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October 13, 2020

A letter to that young person who is struggling to know who (s)he really is

I can only imagine how lost you must feel. Although I have walked down a similar path, it is different for all of us. And still, I want to encourage you to live your very own perfect life. 

I know how confusing it is to find yourself at university, studying something that actually does not interest you at all. Something you simply cannot identify with. Something you are barely able to focus on. I know how energy dragging it is to get up in the morning for a job that just does not suit you. I know how hard it is to live in a place where you do not feel at home – but at the same time, you did not find any other place you would call home yet. I know how mind wrecking it can be to realize that there is actually nothing in your life that you are truly passionate about. 

If you find yourself in these words or if you are dealing with sleeping issues, if your mind just cannot stop spinning. If you watch yourself showing a lack of energy and passion – a lack of joy. If your body responds to your life with a poor digestion, hair loss, rapid heartbeat and an irregular appetite. Please pause. Take a break. Find a way to give yourself some space. 

Your individual soul came to this beautiful planet with its own set of talents, its own personality and its own purpose. Whatever wants to breathe deep down inside of you – let it breathe. 

When we grow up we underlie constant social conditioning – society, media, family and friends show us continuously what is „right or wrong“. Through rewards, love, attention, rejection or displeasure, we learn what is endearing and what is not. We build up our own belief-system which can be useful to a certain degree and obstructive to another degree. And often times, we lose the connection to who we truly are. 

You are not alone with that – consciously or unconsciously, almost everyone experiences that.

So, if everything in your life shows you that something is not going the way it is meant to be – that you are not living in harmony with your truth, your purpose, it is time to take a break. And most certainly, it is time to change something. 

Find the courage to take a step back from the life you are living. Find the courage to make new experiences. Be curious about yourself, about others. Try out new jobs. Change the course of your studies. Travel the world. Make new friends. Experience different cultures. Spend a lot of time in nature. Apply for jobs that bring you close to nature. Treasure the time you are in search of your own perfect life. Pursue your happiness, chase your dreams. 

And above all, enjoy your journey, because suddenly everything is going to make sense. You will realize that every experience, good or bad, played a crucial role in your very own journey. 

I promise you, at some point you will find out what truly makes your soul dance. And you will find it easy to follow that with the full force of your soul. 

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