October 25, 2020

Sometimes Love Sparks in the Darkness.


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October filled the night with a crystalline chill.

Floods of people electrified the air that evening. It was an unusually dark sky.

The talk of the town that day was about the blackout. People were franticly buying generators, groceries, and gas. Potentials of wildfires were provoking worry about dry winds mixing with broken tree limbs and telephone lines.

The Lounge was the only theatre in the quaint, coastal town that invested in a generator for the concert I had planned to attend weeks before.

For the first half of the show, holy music transmitted medicine for the soul. The beat of hand drums and twang of banjos swooned inside of me.

Then came intermission.

Entranced, walking out the door, carrying the spirit invoked by healing harmonies, my friend and I instinctively walked toward the theatre’s sidewalk.

That’s when, in the middle of our banter, I noticed him.

He casually walked up to us, recognizing my friend. This removed that first layer of awkward when meeting a stranger, rather quickly. His presence seemed gentle and down-to-earth. This further invited my flirtatious and playful nature.

I notice his defined jawline and softness around his eyes.

Curious, I asked, “What’s under that hat?”

Smiling, I peered up toward the crown of his head.

He slowly pulled off his crocheted beanie, and straight, golden-brown hair came tumbling out over his face.

His eyes were crystal blue, piercing into a forest of green.

Satisfied and mesmerized, I lingered a little bit longer.

Naturally, I opened my body toward our friend. We didn’t speak much as we were catching up on the tails of conversations with others. People began clustering toward the entrance into the theatre for the next performance.

The night was spent dancing with my new crush and my girlfriend. It felt like ages since I had last seen a man move his hips and groove to music with rhythm and confidence, unafraid to be seen in his sexiness and playfulness.

Between breaths of music, we naturally dispersed to mingle with friends. I ordered another drink, anticipating another dance with him. Peeping through bobbing heads and moving limbs, I hoped I would catch a glimpse.

I did a few more look-arounds and realized he had left at some point.

It didn’t stop me from daydreaming, though.

I know I’ll see him again.

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