October 7, 2020

Dear Instagram—It’s Not Me, It’s You.

I took a week off social media and have to admit—it was amazing!

I listened to myself deeply, felt more focused because of less distraction, and enjoyed more aha moments—I could actually hear myself think.

Did I feel tempted to check it at times? Oh yes! There were moments, especially in the beginning, where I would reach for my phone looking to tap the Instagram and Facebook icons that would allow me to scroll mindlessly.

Consciously, I’m always wanting more information from the outside world. Being from the United States and living in Argentina, social media helps me feel more connected to my friends and family, market my coaching business, share my experiences, and learn about, well, anything.

What a gift it is to go online, like a trip to the outside world, one that combines with our inner voice and creates an inner reality that doesn’t exist. The truth is, oftentimes, the reality we are living inside our heads is one we think is real. I’m not here to say it’s not legitimate. I mean, after all, what kind of coach would I be if I didn’t validate your feelings?

But, combine your thoughts, moods, and feelings with whatever you’re paying attention to online and you’ve got yourself a lot of unpacking to do.

It’s easy to forget that our version of reality is not the only one. Oftentimes, that reality depends on the story we’re telling ourselves at the time. When we mix the ideas we have about ourselves with the endless amount of information we find on social media—it’s easy to lose ourselves.

Remember when you used to go to the bathroom or shower and the best idea came to you? It’s because you were alone with yourself, not reading, watching television, listening to podcasts or music, but fully present with yourself.

And of course, there’ll be times we need to be online—this isn’t about staying off forever—it’s about pausing and committing to ourselves. We need to give ourselves the time to take mini-pauses when we are online. Ask: What is my narrative at this moment?

What are my thoughts about the long post I read, or the picture I saw, or video I watched?

It’s easy nowadays to read something, give it a “like” on autopilot, and keep going scrolling.

Sharing ideas and exploring what is out there is the best thing ever, but so is exploring our inner landscape. I’m not talking about an all-inclusive type of trip; I’m talking about discovering ourselves outside of the confines of our mental resort.

We have the answers, inspiration, and whatever it is that we’re searching for inside us. It’s just a matter of committing to ourselves, making space, and giving ourselves undivided attention to focus within, something we have available at all times.

Next time that little voice inside that says, “Why do I keep looking at my phone,” it could be an inclination that you’re ready to go deeper within. That level of dissatisfaction is a manifested inner voice saying, “Hey, I’ve got something to say and need you to listen.”

It urges us to take a pause, listen, and ask ourselves, “What do I need at this moment?” Whether it’s a 20-minute nap, calling someone back, or sitting down to write the article you’ve been wanting to publish—your inner voice will tell you.

Sometimes it just needs the silence and space to be heard.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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