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October 6, 2020

Did Trump Stage His Covid 19 Diagnosis?

Three days and Trump is cured, healthy and out of hospital.

From contracting Covid-19, a killer virus that has turned into a global pandemic, affecting and taking the lives of millions across the world and mainly preying on the elderly.

At 74 years old, Trump has managed to have the quickest record recovery time in Covid-19 history so far!

I ask, where was the treatment for his speedy recovery, for the 200,000 patients, and counting, who are no longer with us.

A lot of questions unanswered, a lot of suspicion and speculation.
Did Trump stage his diagnosis?

In the midst of election season, conveniently a critical moment to tug on the heart strings of America; did Trump stage this to get a sympathy vote?
Is it really possible that Trump could go to these lengths? To stage a Covid-19 stunt, so Americans can respond “Aww look how strong he is! He’s so invincible and courageous. That’s the President we need”.

Did Trump know his time was up in presidency and his only option was to scrap together a show down, one which would somehow normalise him to American citizens, from the devil persona some of us have painted him with.
That maybe, just maybe now he’s just like one of us, vulnerable and actually human inside, is it possible?

Is human nature so transparent, that we are easily swayed if emotional blackmail is the way to change our opinions.
Even when it comes to voting for a man who advised drinking disinfectant to his fellow Americans, as a cure for the virus.

A few layers of deep bronze Hawaiian Tropic and a toupee made from bleached straw, bam! You’ve got yourself a stunt double Trump for a drive-by waving, cured from the hospital.

Was this staged? Is this his strategy?
Is he hiding the cure?

Wether Trump is using his diagnosis for sympathy as an effort to bump up his political votes, or if he was actually sick and healed in a record time, in Covid-19 history.. May we always wish good health to all.


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