October 31, 2020

5 Tips to Help us through the Frustration of Learning something New.


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Everyone has their opinion on the best way to consume that information, and usually, that opinion is suggested as an exclusive concept.

In a digital world of information, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to have difficulty making sense of it all.

I’ve compiled a list of some tips that have helped me personally. Although they are more geared towards music and learning an instrument, they can definitely be applied to any context.

Here are five mindful tips to help us learn more effectively:

1. Know when you’re having trouble understanding versus when a subject is being taught poorly.

It’s so easy to feel frustrated when we just aren’t grasping a concept. It’s easy to decide that we aren’t going to be able to process the material. Usually, this isn’t the case though. What we’re trying to learn just might not be presented in a way that works for us! Learn how you learn and what the best way is for you to consume learning material.

2. Be open to criticism.

Our ego has to go. Tell it goodbye. If someone is offering their time and advice, it’s usually because they care about how well we do. It might not be what we want to hear, but sometimes it’s what we need to hear.

3. Be resilient to insult.

It’s also important to know when criticism is coming from a place of love versus a place of hate. If it’s the latter, ignore it. If you know there’s room to improve, then work on improving, not appeasing.

4. Set realistic goals.

Can we develop virtuosic ability overnight? No. Can we learn one new thing overnight? Yes. If we put an unrealistic task on our plates, we’re setting ourselves up to fail and to feel defeated. We need to recognize when biting off more than we can chew will give us the incentive to work harder, and in contrast, when it will prevent us from doing our best work.

We can set manageable daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals to work ourselves up to that larger, more intimidating task.

5. Remember to keep it enjoyable.

Don’t torture yourself; just have fun. There’s no time limit or set path to learning, so it’s important to choose what makes us feel the best and what’s proven to work for us.

In the end, learning is kind of like travel. It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.


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