October 10, 2020

Mars Square Pluto Transit: an Opportunity to Reclaim Misplaced Power. {October 9 & December 20}

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


We probably don’t need to preface this with much background of the intensity of this year thus far.

It’s a given at this point, whether we look to the worldly chaos or to the undertones of astrology to “make sense” of it all.

Today is another tense day though, potentially, if we remain unaware and unconscious of the energies at play. Even if we are aware, the intensity may still find us in its grip. Energy doesn’t lie. The energy just is.

We have a Mars squaring Pluto transit today. We also had one on August 13 this year, and we will have one more to close out 2020 on December 20.

So what does this all mean? Mars is the planet of war, aggression, passion, anger, assertion, and dominance. Pluto rules and governs power, and also death, rebirth, and transformation—the Underworld.

So, just imagine, bringing these two energies together in what astrologers call a “square,” which is an aspect that reveals tension, obstacles, and challenges.

Being that Mars is retrograde in this particular square off brings even more interesting dynamics into the already heated mix. Our energy may have felt thwarted as of late as if there was a tight-sealed lid over the top of it, but underneath there could be water that’s been boiling, simmering even.

We may have felt frustrated lately as to this shortage of energy to “get things done,” or move ahead. We may have countered setbacks recently with Mercury also in retrograde in the deep sign of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto. Communication has felt stingy, intense at times, and hugely misinterpreted based on our own individual source of wounding.

These planets are all having a conversation right now. Mars is ready to break free from its cage, but it is not yet quite time for that until November 13 when it will station direct. Pluto has just recently stationed direct on  October 4, which did bring with it a slight lifting of energy around the last few months as we have been cycling through our own and collective themes of death and rebirth energy.

The two planets are meeting today for a not so cordial greeting, but it doesn’t mean sh*t is going to hit the fan. It might, but that’s also up to us to use this energy more consciously.

Yes, the two are speaking to each other, almost in different languages it seems. Mars wants action, dominion, and an outlet for its hostile energy. Pluto wants control—power over something, of someone.

We may be seeing these energies at play in the political spectrum, an arena that’s a bit more comical these days but can certainly see where power plays and aggressive energy is being misused and misplaced. And with the nearing Presidential election coming up in the United States, it is easy to see how this astrological power struggle is also being displayed and on center stage in the physical plane.

We all have these tendencies though, to some degree. We all have, in one way or another, misplaced our sovereign power. Many of us feel powerless over the disarray in this world playing out in front of our eyes. We maybe feel powerless over our own emotional reactions and triggers right now especially. We may feel powerless over our life circumstance, maybe due to illness, job loss, being in a job that drains us, feeling trapped externally in relationships or otherwise situations that feel like they have power over us.

We may even taste the power struggles within our relationships, as we are still in Libra season, all focus being on relationships. Who has power over us? Where and to whom have we given our power to? Who have we projected our wounds onto recently and thus given them our power to heal us?

Power struggles may also surface in terms of addictions. Addictions are power stealers. They are misplaced sense of our power to destruct and destroy our own life force by feeling powerless to a substance, behavior, or thing outside of us. We feel this thing has power over us and thus, we don’t feel our own power to enact and hold boundaries with this maladaptive behavior.

Power is a tricky thing to reclaim. It is not easy to look at ourselves and see where we have given our power away. It’s much easier to keep pretending like we have it all under control. But we give our power away daily. To fear. To beliefs that thwart our energy. To thought forms that steal our joy. To ideas about ourselves, our worth, and our value that do nothing but undermine our existence.

That is our true sense of power. Our attention. Where do we direct most of our attention on the daily? Is it into the black hole these days that is social media? Is it mindlessly scrolling Instagram or Facebook in hopes we will find “it,” whatever “it” is. That’s the addiction. The addiction to not even being able to control our attention. To distraction. To escapism.

What if we do have a choice though? What if by becoming more aware, choice enters the picture again? We can choose to become conscious again, and in moments gripped by fear, paranoia, and loss of power, may we dig deeper and remember—love is the bravest and boldest choice and elixir to bring.

This transit today, and upcoming on December 20, may feel tense for many. Storms may be brewing or even exploding into pieces, politically or more literally in the skies, with all the recent fires, hurricanes, and meteorological patterns at play and on display.

Watch your thoughts today. Watch your unchecked emotions. Watch your tongue. When triggered, today and in the coming days, step back. Breathe. Count to five. If you want to react in that moment, ask yourself why? What part of you feels like it won’t get a chance to be heard or seen otherwise? What does this part of you need to feel heard by you?

Our power is in what we choose to do with these tougher energies. We are not out of the woods yet, friends. But we can remain aware, awake, and conscious of our energy. Our energy is a part of the astrological energy. They are not separate.

So, maybe ask yourself—where have you misplaced or given away your power? What thoughts or beliefs have power over you still? This is the internal work we can address.

We can reclaim our power of attention anytime. Back to now, and now, and now. There is great and grander power in that choice to simply return to this moment and stay with it. Presence is powerful. And there is power in staying present these days, no matter the looks and feels of it all.

So, stay present, beloved ones. Stay kind. Kind to your wounds. Kind to your triggers. Kind to other’s wounds and triggers. Hold space for yourself. And for others when you can without drowning or betraying yourself in the process.

This too shall pass. And until it does, we will be transforming through it all—that is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the world. To allow ourselves to be transformed, made more resilient and soft, tender, and open to life’s deepest lessons.



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