October 12, 2020

Remember Who You Are. {Poem}

And go!

Last week, Elephant Journal’s Fall 2020 Elephant Academy, Write Your Heart Out, began. A group of over 100 people decided to step into and embody the term: writer

Scary for some. Natural for others. Beneficial for all.

The diversity of the writers who come together through Elephant Academy is one of the best pieces about the Academy (not to mention the solid support and growth environment). Writers from all over the world sign up to pour their hearts into writing, to show up for themselves, and to share experiences and perspectives in their own voices.

They are here to be of benefit for others through their passion.

I have once again been given the opportunity to mentor within this group and I’m honored to do it, however, writing your heart is no easy feat and I’m not about to tell anyone it is. The strength that comes with vulnerability is a strength for the open-hearted. But hold your trunks out! No one signs up for this journey and remains alone. We have a herd of Elephant Academy writers from around the world feeling much of the same nervous excitement—and it only gets better.


I have shifted in my chair about six times

to rearrange my legs.

They fold up variably just fine. 

They do not touch the floor, 

at least if I can help it. 

Sometimes it’s on my knees 

the rest of me will sit. 

I’m supposed to write my heart 

but at least you have the knowledge 

of how I fold upon myself 

when my heart is trying not to budge. 

My hands are typing cheerily.

My mouth is in a smirk. 

It believes it’s on my heart’s side 

and is forgoing the heavy work. 

And as my fingers move slower

as we can only ignore for so long, 

my heart’s truth is stripped naked 

and it falls out in song:

“Remember who you are. 

You are love in human form

placed upon the Earth 

to battle your life’s storms. 

Your passion is your mission.

It’s what you’re meant to do.

You will come across obstacles

that try to make you not move. 

You experience fear 

when you forget you’re not alone.

Be alive. Keep living.

Bring others along.

It’s like we try to hide

the very essence of who we are

because it does not fit the script.

We were born to go far. 

Our difference is our gift.

Be around those who can see. 

If your life feels out of alignment,

let go of who you are ‘supposed’ to be. 

This is not easy,

but an important part of life.

Be guided by love. 

And always know your why.”

I take a deep breath 

and I wiggle my toes. 

My heart stands up boldly 

and on my life goes. 


So take a deep breath Ele-apprentices (and anyone who needed to hear this). We are disciplined in our passion. We are getting our words written down. We are pushing our edges.

We are writers.

We are writing our hearts out.


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Read 29 comments and reply

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