October 11, 2020

“The Nerve of you White Women!”

SNL highlights: Gay Pride Month, Gucci boots, it’s like the drunk driver survives. Today’s the day you gonna fight your old man? And Kate breaks character.


Bill Burr Stand-Up Monologue – SNL: 

“Comedy is truth. We should not apologize for it.” – Joan Rivers
Well, some comedy. Humor can be used to lie or bully. But this…Bill Burr, I love.
“This whole “controversy” proves one thing: this country needs irreverent comedy in the mainstream again.”

Note: the crowd is dramatically smaller than usual, bc of covid/distancing.

Mirror for those not in USA.

“What’s funny to me is that Michelle Wolf basically made these exact same talking points in her special and no one was up in arms about that.” ~ comment

The Boston sequel to that Dunkin Donut’s “commercial”:

The fly, Kama-la, and Carrey is back:

She breaks character:

Drunk driver:

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Read 7 comments and reply

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