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October 20, 2020

You came to this beautiful planet for a reason

I believe that every human being comes to this planet for a specific reason – to fulfill his or her very own purpose. 

Why I do believe so? There are a couple of reasons. 

First of all – I know it to be true. I see myself standing up against almost everything that is not in line with my inner truth. I experience this constant longing for something bigger, something more purposeful. I feel how deep down inside of me every cell is rebelling against everything that holds me back from following my purpose. 

Secondly, did you ever watch nature? Did you ever realize how every bee, every ant, every leaf, every flower, every snowflake is doing exactly what it is meant to do? In the modern world, we often confuse function and purpose. Does a bee really pollinate flowers only because this is its simple function or is this not rather the bee’s life purpose? Isn’t the bee much more driven by its purpose – its purpose as a part of the greater whole? Namely, to maintain the balance of nature?

Lastly, there is one reason that for me personally is a very beautiful one. As I have a twin brother (and a loving grandmother that never ceased to talk about the moment we were born), I know it to be true that we had completely different personalities as soon as we took our first breath. My twin was sleeping most of the time, enjoying the relax, rather internalized, very attached to one person, calm, very grounded – kind of like a Koala. Whereas I – as soon as I was born – was extremely curious and attentive, barely sleeping, watching the world with open eyes, enjoying to be held by different persons, reacting to every sound that I heard, being rather sensitive as well as prone to emotional outbursts. While still being in the belly of our Mum, my brother was positioning himself in a way that doctors call normal (upside down) whereas I was turning and flipping myself over and over, until I found my final position with my head facing upwards instead of downwards. These personality traits have been there from the very second we entered the belly of my mum – and they have not changed until today. 

Why is that and what does it have to do with a soul’s purpose? You came into this beautiful world to fulfill a specific destiny, a specific purpose. To be able to fulfill a specific purpose, you need a specific body constitution, a specific set of character traits, specific talents and so on. For instance it is very clear, that the purposes of my twin and me are different in its nature.

So why are there such few people in this world that are actually following their life’s purpose – like a bee does? It is very easy to loose sight of your own purpose when you are constantly surrounded by other humans (possibly following their own purpose). 

There also might be recent, past or even trans-generational traumas that are holding you back from being who you are meant to be. 

But above all it happens so quickly that you forget who you really are through constant social conditioning, media, family pressure, noise, cultural norms and so on. 

Let’s dive deep. Let’s dig deep. Let’s find out who you really are. You came to this beautiful planet for a reason. 

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