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October 27, 2020

Zhannabelle teaches how to protect our loved ones Find out why we need energy protection and how it

Can I protect my family? Each of us constantly asks this question. As soon as a husband or a child takes a step out of the house, a loving woman’s heart begins to beat faster. ‘What if the elevator breaks down, or they get hit by a car, or get caught in a downpour and catch a cold? All of a sudden… what if… And that’s it, there is no rest. How can you be sure that your loved one is safe? Read to the end, Zhannabelle will tell you everything in detail.

When does a person need protection? 

Always! After all, it does not only keep troubles and misfortunes at a distance but also guarantees success in all matters. Properly placed protection has a positive effect on the thoughts, actions, and mood of your loved ones. It even affects other people and their actions towards them.

Imagine your husband’s boss getting angry and snapping at his subordinates. But most of his aggression is directed towards your spouse, and often without a reason. As a result of this, he begins to stress, consider himself a failure, get sick, drink, take it out on you and the children. What does this mean? It means that your husband has a weak defense. To be sincere, not only him, but the entire family needs Zhannabelle’s assistance. Thanks to her feminine wisdom and practices, you will surely return to your former happy life. You will see how everything will get better at one point: the boss will not be such a villain, perhaps even decide to promote your husband as the most patient employee. Children will wait for their dad to come home and run happily to meet him from work, and you will learn to smile again. Everything is in your female hands!

Properly placed protection is very important for your family and friends. At the seminars and individual consultations, Zhannabelle will teach you how to perform rituals that are guaranteed to help your family protect themselves from misfortune. A large number of reviews from students are proof of this.


‘I was always worried about my daughter, even when she just went to school. So I was concerned about calming down and making sure she was safe. Somehow, I stumbled upon Zhannabelle’s website and decided to sign up for an individual consultation. We met there; she listened to me carefully, helped me deal with my eternal anxiety, and taught me how to put protection on my daughter. I think once it saved my child from harm.

One day my daughter’s class was going on an excursion to another city. I was a little against this idea, but the daughter insisted. After seeing her, I prayed and held a ritual, which Zhannabelle recommended. And then just 2 hours later I got a call. The teacher said that the school bus was involved in an accident: the driver became ill at the wheel, and everyone inside was seriously injured and bruised. And only my daughter escaped with a couple of light bruises. It turned out that the protection ritual worked and saved her. How difficult it is to forget this story! God grant you all good health!’

What is the danger of losing energy protection? 

People that lack strong energy protection are doomed to be unhappy. Given to us from birth, this power is gradually destroyed due to negative intentions and bad actions – treason, theft, and betrayal. Even if at some point you want to fix everything by amending with positive thinking, helping homeless animals, moving old ladies across the street, you are unlikely to succeed. To restore and strengthen natural protection, you need serious help from a strong mentor. With Zhannabelle’s support, after visiting her seminars and choosing special protective amulets, you will make a major step on the way to getting rid of failures. You will find what you have already lost faith in: a wave of love, luck, and joy will burst into your life and the life of your family!

What if you give up and let it go? A person who left without protection will be pursued by an evil fate, which is usually called ‘33 misfortunes!’ The condition of such people will slowly deteriorate, and their mood will always be depressed. Injuries, depression, fatigue – they will not even notice how the joy of life has been replaced by constant anger and irritation. As a rule, ‘energy vampires’ suck out the remaining energy from such a person, which soon provokes serious diseases. Unprotected persons seek to restore their forces, making up for the loss in terrible ways. Often, there is a dangerous addiction – gambling, alcoholism, or even drug addiction.

There is so much evil, aggression, and envy in the world. Dear women, do not neglect the rituals of protecting yourself, your family, and friends. Don’t expect everything to change by itself! Turn to a wise mentor, the well-being of your family depends on it.

Can we strengthen the protection of a loved one on our own? 

We, women, are capable of many things: with our love and prayer, we can build a defense that nothing can destroy. Our power and actions greatly influence the fate of those around us. A woman’s evil word can haunt a man all his life. But if we direct the energy of our heart in a positive direction, we will create a ‘dome’ that protects our close person from harm. So how can we create this magical energy shield correctly?


Perform a simple protective ritual. Every time you send your family out of the house, send them positive energy when you say goodbye. This can be done through a simple touch, for example, hugging, stroking the head, on the back. Say it to yourself: ‘Go with my blessing.’ And transfer warm energy through your palms.

If relatives do not like touching and consider such actions stupid (unfortunately, this happens), then imagine your relative in a stream of energy light. Mentally surround him with love and a wall that allows only positive energy to pass through, and pushes the entire negative energy away from you.

A loving woman’s heart can warn you against many troubles. But keep in mind that this daily ritual should be performed in a good mood and physical condition. Otherwise, it is better not to risk it – or theу person who received this ritual from you may have a bad day. The ‘Shield’ created when you’re worried, stressed, and sad, will act the opposite way – attract misery, like a magnet.

Important! This ritual of protection is short-lived; it does not have the power that can protect a person from serious troubles throughout his life. Only on Zhannabelle’s courses, you learn to develop your power to help others. And then you will learn how to restore and strengthen the protection so that your sister, father, and friends can always avoid diseases and problems. Seeing how the rituals work, you will finally stop worrying about someone and be able to devote time to yourself.


‘My mother became very ill, and within 2 weeks, a serious inflammation confined her to bed. The doctors couldn’t do anything, they were at loss, saying, ‘just wait and hope’. So I thought that if the medicine is powerless in this case, then, there is nothing to lose. I diligently began to look for any other help. By rare chance, a friend of mine once mentioned a certain Zhannabelle in a conversation, I asked for more information, found the site, and filled out the form.

Two months passed, group classes, healing, and protection rituals were behind us. A couple of times, I went to Places of Power, and each time I returned from there, I usually feel better. Gradually, my mother’s condition also began to improve! Today, she has been completely cured: a beautiful young woman, full of energy. It seems that this nightmare happened to someone else, not to her’.

We live in a time when human security is always in a questionable state. Unfortunately, not everyone can unleash their inner potential to protect themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, to find peace of mind for each member of your family, you need to take an important step. Ask yourself, ‘What can I do for their good?” A lot of things? Now imagine that everything is much simpler than you think. Sign up for a consultation or a seminar and you will find a strong, experienced mentor, support, and friend, who can help you solve your current problems.

Zhannabelle will teach you important life wisdom for protective rites and rituals. You will be energetically filled and will be able to resist all problems. And an incredibly powerful magic amulet will help you and your loved ones open the way to a brighter future, as it has already helped thousands of people across all continents of the world!


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