November 3, 2020

My Dog is “The One.”

Instead of sleeping next to a man, I share the bed with my 75-pound dog Maya, an American Bulldog.

Oh sure, sometimes she hogs the blankets or passes gas so badly that it’ll rouse me from my slumber, but she’s still the greatest bedtime companion that I’ve ever had. 

Sorry, fellas! 

Her fur has absorbed so many of my tears from numerous heartaches over the last few years. We’ve bonded in a meaningful way, and I know that deep in my heart she’s the “one.” No other dog before or in the future will ever mean as much to me.

Let me tell you about my sweet girl.

Sometimes, she’ll jump into bed before I’m ready to hit the hay myself and give me a look that says, okay, mom, hurry up, lady! 

She loves to cuddle and maintain constant contact with my body. Her favorite thing is laying up against my back like we’re in a reverse spoon. She’ll push herself slightly so that she can get as close to me as possible, then let out that magical, contented dog sigh. 

It never ceases to melt my heart and make me smile. 

Because I’m chronically ill with a disease called fibromyalgia (Lady Gaga has it) I spend a decent chunk of my time in bed, either marathon sleeping or just resting. Maya is loyal and stays with me the entire time, only leaving when we both need to use the bathroom or get a bite to eat. She’s a tremendous comfort to me.

On my good days, she’s my constant sidekick. And I talk to her. (She has yet to respond.) There’s a dog bed set up next to my computer chair in my office room, so she can stay nearby. My only complaint is that I haven’t been able to pee by myself in years. In many ways, it’s like having a toddler again!

When I look into her caramel-colored eyes, I see complete love and acceptance. She doesn’t care that my hair is messy or that I haven’t had the energy to cook dinner three nights in a row. She doesn’t even mind when I wear the same pajamas for two days. 

There have been days when she was the only motivation that I had to get up and start my day. 

Our time together is precious, and I’ll stop what I’m doing just to stare at her in awe. I don’t want to waste a moment with my canine soulmate.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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