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November 18, 2020

People prefer their familiar misery, change is never easy, that means believing in success!


Have you ever noticed how comfortable it is to sit with what you’re already used to?!

How comfortable our attachment to a familiar mindset is? One that’s full of comfortable familiar, beliefs, limitations, behaviours and expectations.

I have encountered this so many times: ‘ I can’t do that because it goes against my grain, my routine, my lifestyle, my beliefs, my expectations and my familiar misery.

I have met so many people who come looking for change, love, empowerment but in fact are only looking to affirm and confirm their own misery, uninterested in any solution on offer.

So here’s the thing! CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION are not easy, they take reflection, reformation, reframing, reshaping and redesigning on all levels: body, mind and slirit. They require that you to go beyond the limits of your thinking, seeing and being.

What most people are really afraid of is success. Most people are actually afraid of how amazing they could be beyond their walking cloud of familiarity that follows them everywhere. They prefer to buy into the ‘You’re so amazing, tell me I’m amazing, it’s all so love filled and easy paradigm’,
But true transformation is about empowerment, its a form of tough love, I mean we’re cracking the hard nut of solified limitation and belief here. It takes truth, devotion, creativity, comittment, focus and self love to go beyond fear and familiarity.

So before you start on your journey towards success, self confidence, liberation and self esteem ask: ‘Am I willing to go beyond my familiar misery!?’

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