November 9, 2020

Mindful Tips for Emotional Stability during Life’s WTF Moments.


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Of government. Of financial and emotional resources.

Does it exist, or do we just cling to pieces of the shipwreck with smiles frozen on our faces?

Amid anger and frivolity, we may lose our sense of personal dignity. We may continuously find ourselves saying, “What now?” and “Why?” (Or a stream of silent WTF?)

Well, we know that our core values are what give our bumpy journey dignity and value.

After you glance through the list below, see if you feel something in your bones—or remember anything you were able to sustain for a few weeks or months as a wholesome blessing to your mind and heart. It should feel like a personal song of “hey, thanks” for being alive.

Here are my easy and enduring practices for when I need to connect with the highest vertical and the broadest horizontal values I can muster, day after day.

>> Step outside in the early morning and feel that fresh air in my lungs for three full breaths. I hear the leaves move. I see the clouds pass.

>> Sit with no book, no phone, just present for a few minutes in the room where my kids play—open to their agenda for precious minutes.

>> Let my first words to the day be a surprised thank you or Sunday Morning Comin’ Comin’ Down.

>> Short metta practice before sleep:  

May ___ be safe. 

May ___ be well. 

May ___ be happy. 

May ___ live with ease.

(And, of course, I start with myself!)

>> Read fiction. Read really good fiction. Read really good short fiction.

Now, sweet people, find that golden thread and walk yourself through this autumn and winter with the knowledge that you belong.


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Read 14 comments and reply

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