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December 1, 2020

When I became Best friends with the Unknown, Life became a playground

I’ve realized just when you think you have life all figured out, a sudden plot twist arises!  Socrates once wrote that “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.    I think I finally understand this now and have found much freedom in this understanding.

This scenario has probably happened to me more times than I can count over the past 3 years.

As a researcher, a student of life. I LOVE to learn, and grow as an individual. I want to learn and understand everything! While curiosity is healthy, it can really twist things in so many directions because really after my analysis, it all leads to the same thing anyway. which is still a beautiful mystery ..

Maybe, that’s the true beauty in not knowing.  There is nothing to know, only experience and that is love and beauty.

This brings me to finding peace in knowing that I don’t know and can just flow with life.

To me, and from my personal experiences, we are all of the same.. we are all love (already) we don’t have to identify with any specific thing or set anything…  but again. Like I said. I don’t know about anything.

We tend to always want to improve of our physical self as if there is something wrong with us.  Sure, if we are not tending to our needs, we should work on that but even in that moment, why do we run towards beating ourselves up, why isn’t it instinct to just be understanding, loving and compassionate with ourselves and understand that life can be very rough.

Why aren’t we celebrating ourselves? And even in times where we can’t see our beauty; celebrating ourselves after we overcame the dark cloud (which we all know, will happen) and still valuing the fact that we pushed forward towards the light!  Because, that I’m itself is something to celebrate.

How peaceful we would all be if we wouldn’t compare or hate on ourselves or others because when we do that, we are denying life.  We are denying God.  We are denying our very essence.

I don’t know. But I know that I’m deciding to just walk this path seeing and feeling everything and everyone as truly unique, beautiful and an expression of creation.

Even in a filtered picture, we seem to be okay with these pictures, but who says we can’t see ourselves that way? When the filter changes, it’s only our own limited perception and fear that tells us we have to look one way.  I don’t know. Does it even matter?

We will truly never know how we look to other people and honestly, we shouldn’t care.  In my opinion, we should care about how we treat others and ourselves.

We should care how we treat ourselves. And how we treat our bodies.  We are the vehicle here that allows us to have senses other than the “knowing” of our true nature.

I don’t know.. maybe that was the whole point.. maybe, it’s the senses like hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and tasting that has distorted it all, when it was meant to be experienced as love in all forms.

When we set our path to search for truth, I feel like at our core, we all know the truth but sometimes the things that come up are not recognized by others immediately; which can lead to us doubting it and ignoring it.  It leaves us questioning.. what is truth?  The best question you can ask yourself every day is who am I?  And to affirm that I am as God created me to be.   Just by saying that, you will be led to circumstances and intuitive nudges that show you more and more.  The important thing is to not compare yourself to ANYONE.  Sure, its important to seek guidance and knowledge if needed but ultimately, it is all leading you into your oneness with all and I feel like that transition is different for everyone.

We must be okay to start by clearing away the old and being comfortable with it, not hiding it, truly accepting that it is not lost, just simply no longer there.  We are then led to navigating more from the mind and thoughts that block us from feeling and bringing awareness to our bodies.

When we connect with our body awareness, it allows us to build a better relationship with ourselves and slow down, be present and then as you quiet the mind, the truth can be received and shown.

it’s a journey, but eventually it allows you the choice to let your own awareness lead the way and you would know how to allow it without fear.

To me, there is no destination but when you truly know who you are; Life becomes more of an adventure rather than a place to survive.

I’m choosing to just see the beauty in everything. including myself.  Not just on the surface, but in all its entirety, perceived flaws and all.

We should dance with life and we can use the materials; but we shouldn’t allow these things to take us away from who we really are.  Or most importantly, allow them to change our perception in a negative way.  No one should have to feel lesser than they really are.

Again, I know nothing but I know each and every person reading this along with every other person, plant, animal, living thing. deserves to know (and feel) their value and just how magical and loved you really are.  We are all playing a part in this grand masterpiece so we should just trust and be grateful we get to be a part of it




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