November 21, 2020

Breaking the Emotional Ties & Conditioning of our Childhood.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “negativity attracts negativity,” or “think positive thoughts and positive things will happen for you.”

But, manifestation isn’t as simple as just thinking for what you want, there is a concept here that is worth exploring:

You create your reality.

Every day, you get to wake up and choose how the day is going to go based upon how you think, feel, and act. But, we are all so used to living on autopilot, allowing the conditioning we learned as small children to make all our decisions. 

If you are living a life you aren’t happy with—you hate your job, you’re not crazy about your relationship, your friendships are stale, whatever it may be—you don’t have to keep living in that sh*tty place. You don’t have to keep being unhappy. Even though you are subconsciously choosing to live a programmed life, you can consciously start to make shifts that will break those patterns and a new “you” will begin come to life. 

Choose to make all your decisions based on the life you want to have. 

It sounds a little silly, almost like I’m asking you to play pretend (like how you would play house as a kid). But when you start to make decisions based on how you want to feel, you’re adopting new thought patterns and reprogramming your brain. 

Basically, when you start to look for a new job or set boundaries in your relationship, you are no longer attaching yourself to that old way of living. Every time you feel into this new way of living or take action toward making it a reality, you are chipping away at old emotional patterns that are connecting you to the past. You are breaking emotional ties with the past and reprogramming your brain to believe that what you desire is possible.

And if you really feel into it, your start to attract more of what you desire into your reality. Your heart is 5,000 times more powerful than your mind when it comes to manifestation and bringing in new realities. That’s a big reason why the concept of think positive thoughts and everything will be good isn’t effective. It skips two of the biggest manifestation factors—feeling and acting. 

We are conditioned to be ashamed of our emotions and to hide them from everyone, including ourselves; we won’t even let ourselves feel what it’s like to have everything we desire. Instead, we are told to just “think it” and all will be well.

The reason we’re not seeing anything happen is because we’re not actually doing the spiritual work to get the result. We can’t become enlightened by thinking positively. Sure, it may help to have a more positive outlook on life, but without taking action, putting in the spiritual work, and allowing ourselves to feel and heal our emotions, we aren’t going to see the results we desire. 

So, what do we have to do to get the results we want without spiritually bypassing our problems?

Make small changes every day that break up your old thought patterns and habits. The more you disrupt your habits, the more emotional ties in your body start to break, ultimately, eliminating those old thought patterns all together and creating new ones. 

Call yourself out on your bullsh*t. The more you dive into your spiritual practice, the more self-aware you will become. Your intuition will become stronger and it will get easier to notice yourself following old patterns. Replace your thoughts and habits with new ones that are more aligned with the life you want

Believe in yourself and the life you’re co-creating with the universe. It is easy to become frustrated if you’re not seeing results fast enough, especially when you take the big leap of investing in yourself to change your life around. I get it. I’ve been there many times. The best thing you can do for yourself in these moments of doubt is to continue to do the work and believe in yourself. Trust that the universe is bringing you everything you desire.

Don’t give up. 




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Read 2 comments and reply

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