December 7, 2020

An Affirmation for Unleashing your Inner Warrior Goddess.


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Sometimes, in pivotal moments of life, we may find ourselves in situations that don’t bring us much joy.

Our hearts notify us that we feel that things are not quite as we had intended for them to be, or that change is afoot, and it’s in these moments that we feel our inner warrior goddess rising.

This is the energy of our truest self. This self alerts us that it is time to rise above whatever it is we are facing, and allow our inner warrior goddess to rise to the surface.

When you feel your inner warrior goddess rising, you will feel insight bubbling up from deep within your core. You may also experience moments of wrath, bouts of crying or anger. Know that these are all being cleared for you to rise further into the love you are. And once she is risen inside you fully, your insight will be spot on, you will feel poised and confident, and ready to go forth with all changes that need to be implemented.

For those who would like a little more insight as to why they feel their goddess rising, it is common for the egoic actions of others to bring your inner warrior goddess to the surface. They may have fired at your heart for far too long, and in your compassion for the self, and in understanding that you can not fire back at them because you are not offering egoic reactions, your goddess is amplified to bring you strength to resolve what is felt or experienced.

It is also probable that you may be needed elsewhere, and you may feel others calling you to them, as well.

So, while there are many situations that may arise that will bring forth your goddess, when she is brewing, it is time to stand in this power and brace for changes. These changes often come quickly, as once you stand in this power, you amplify your own inner strength, conviction, and can better implement the changes needed now.

Let’s begin.

Sit in a silent space, free of others, and affirm:

I feel my Inner Warrior Goddess rising and I embrace her for all she is. 

I open to her insight, and I wish to embody her fully in the coming weeks with the understanding that her strength, conviction, and genuine authenticity is needed to prevail in the days ahead. 

I also ask for my hearts’ needs to be expressed fully to all others I share time with, and without needing to convey this to them in person directly. 

Lastly I wish to embody my Inner Warrior Goddess, fully, and I open to the insight and teachings needed to release all that no longer serves me in order embrace my truest expression of Source. 

Thank you.

While you sit for a moment after affirming this, know that your heart has spoken.

In invoking your inner warrior goddess more fully, it will prevent others from keeping you from what your heart has determined is a better fit for you now. Hence, why your inner goddess felt the need to rise.

Also, should you be so bold, you are welcome to recite the above affirmation while others are actually present with you. This amplifies the energy present to not only bring forth your wishes, but also support their hearts while you embrace these changes too.

We all support one another’s journeys, but when your inner warrior goddess rises, it is with good reason.

Far too often our hearts are treated to the actions of people’s egos, where they are not able to offer kind and genuine heartfelt interactions. And, often, these people have been indulging in their egoic wants for far too long and their environments have catered to these actions as being appropriate for them to continue. Remaining in these environments will impede our growth.

So, while we came into these people’s lives to be an offering of love, sometimes we must rise to either lift them out of their ego’s strong hold, so they can better meet our hearts, or we rise ourselves out of the very environment and lives of the people that are no longer able to support us in our growing and becoming our truest expression.

Whatever is meant to prevail is in your best interest, and with your inner warrior goddess risen, you will have the strength and endurance needed to meet whatever path unfolds for you.

Go forth with gusto and let her rise!

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Read 5 comments and reply

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