January 23, 2021

Conscious Relationships: the New Paradigm for Vulnerable, Wild & Brave Love.

As we look around us, everything we know from the old world is crumbling away: governments, hierarchy systems, power structures, corporate machines, the list goes on.

The old is dying, and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better, but our courageous and unyielding trust in the better is the very energy we need to create it. What was, is now dissolving, and as the rise of the collective consciousness gains momentum, we are pulled ever more toward the higher 5D reality.

So then, it must be a given that our relationship dynamics also need to crumble and reemerge as something different. Something more sacred. Not only within ourselves but with others and undoubtedly with our beautiful and selfless planet.

Ego battles, the codependency structure, control, the neediness—none of it supports our individual or collective evolution. It’s an old, outdated paradigm created from years of suppression and repression, and what is replacing it—both collectively and individually through this rather messy and necessary rebirth—is the rising up of the real, the authentic, the raw, the gritty, the no more bullshit mentality and thank god it’s not all sparkly and romantic or pretty and perfect as the stories of previous generations would have us believe.

Just as deep, unwavering, no-nonsense unveiling is required to complete your own healing journey, albeit globally or personally. If you are not willing to dedicate the same level of uncomfortable truth-seeking and embodied-commitment to evolving together in a conscious relationship, then, quite frankly, it won’t work. We are moving into a mass energetic reboot where we are more in charge and responsible for ourselves than ever before. Spiritual bypassing is no longer an option; a total and unequivocal stripping back and primal acceptance of who we are at a soul level is required. If we are this determined to clear out our own baggage that haunts these meat skeletons we wander around in, then the same commitment to inner work and truth needs to be applied to the conscious relationship.

Couples placing their love and commitment to their own growth and development first—honoured by their equal as they do the same by experiencing evolution and integration at a profound soul level creates an expansive and divine space between them to beautifully flourish.

There will be pain, fear, confusion, and anger—these feelings won’t just disappear but have to be navigated by both, with minimal projections. Rather than blaming, shaming, or ego dramas, there is a joint belief in open communication, deep trust, and space-holding. Where self-care is the priority, vulnerability is a necessity, and learning about each others’ past from a place of non-judgment, love, and respect, is paramount. Setting boundaries as individuals, while loving and respecting the individual in each other, is the new normal and healthy. This means speaking up with reassured confidence about your needs and wants, with no deflection or diversion tactics, just open minds and open hearts, even if you disagree.

The commitment to being fully present and in full awareness of each other: “I hear you, I see you as you do me.” Dropping the defense mechanism for the creative outlook and delving into the internal toolbox to be able to securely weather any storm. To not run when it gets tough, but to maintain a resolute commitment to each other throughout the unpleasant or painful. Feeling into the struggle, embracing it, and utilising it for new growth. Knowing that the foundation is solid, built of two grounded whole and perfectly imperfect souls.

A beautiful castle with impenetrable walls to those which seek to invade or attack. A wild, unstoppable joint force of healing, wisdom, and knowledge, ready to leap into this world to honour it and be of service to it. Acceptance of all parts of the other is supported and held as you accept all parts of yourself and bound together in acceptance set about on this journey with eyes wide open.

These types of relationships are not for everyone. They’re for the seekers, the brave, the healing, the warriors, and the goddesses. They are for the ones who do not fear the broken parts of themselves or others. They are for the ones who are already standing strong in their own light despite wading through the darkest parts of themselves. These relationships will be powerful, but they will also test your commitment to yourself and your ability to blissfully expand in union.

This type of sacred union is being called into service at this exact point in our evolution for a purpose. The conscious couple has an innate knowing of this timing, and sit in full awareness of how much more beauty, light, and magic they can manifest into this world; if walking side by side, in love, in creation, in solidarity, in strength, and in truth.

Because together we rise.


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