January 3, 2021

On Separation: Distance Can’t Break the Ties our Souls have Formed.

Human connections are stronger than we give them credit for.

In times of separation, it becomes clearer than ever: the bonds made along the way beam like lighthouses in the dark. 

We are energy, and energy can be felt unequivocally when two souls recognise each other as companions. Once such a connection is established, nothing can break it. It lights up and is never extinguished—time and distance cannot make it fade.

We know this for sure because when a loved one passes away, the link that ties us to them does not ever weaken. The feeling of seeing someone after a long time and naturally picking up where we left off seems to confirm it too. 

It’s as though souls have their own parallel world where they exist independently. Two people may be miles away from one another in their physical form and not even be in touch, but when they think of one another, time and space are compressed, and they find themselves united as if their souls were hanging out together all along.

When we meet and interact physically, we carry within us a subconscious awareness of a sense of continuity. When we part, there is no break in our acquaintance—we stay together.

Physical meetings are just affirmations, nods of acknowledgment. They are fun, they are important, and they bring up different emotions, but they are just the tip of an iceberg. The mechanics of relationships are bigger than us, and connections between people are deeper than what can be contained in the words that we use to label them.

Such bonds can take the form of friendships or relationships, but they can also exist between acquaintances, between a student and a teacher, or between family members. They need no forcing and no special effort. They feel like a homecoming and have a taste of the eternal. 

There is more being communicated in the silence between our words than we imagine, and love can continue to thrive like an evergreen even when we are not actively tending to it. Who knows if thoughts and dreams do not also play a part in shortening distances?

There are times when a person’s presence can actually be felt even more overwhelmingly in their absence because when you feel them rather than see them, there is nothing to distract you from their essence. No small talk, no superfluous words, no need to rationalise anything, and no visual stimulus to lead you off track. Their image in your head is narrowed down to the essential, to the purest expression of them. 

So when we are apart from those we feel connected to, let us remember that physical distance is no threat to such bonds, and that closeness can be felt internally; and eternally. 


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