January 19, 2021

My Friend, Let me Take Away the Darkness from You.

Trust me, my friend. It’s going to be okay.

All of that darkness you feel now—let me take that from you.

I’m going to wrap you up right now in a warm hug. Squeeze me and let it out.

Everything you have been carrying—release it to me.

That load you have been trudging with is way too heavy. Lay it here at my feet.

I’ve got you now.

Take a breath in my presence and release all of those worries and stressors.

I see you. I see how you’ve been the tough one. The strong one.

No one knows how it feels to be inside of your head, and you’ve done a great job of pretending to be okay—but let it go now.

It’s time to show up for yourself and let others in. I know it can feel scary.

Let me tell you a little secret. It’s the only way to heal these burdens that are yours and yours alone to heal.

I will walk beside you the whole time, but now is the time to get honest and let people know how you’ve been feeling.

To seek guidance is a form of letting go. Ask your inner self what you need.

Take the time to write and get clear. Take the time to breathe and get quiet.

Ask yourself what is wrong. What is going on with you? What needs to come up to the surface for healing?

We can no longer busy it away. We must stop to feel the gnawing sense of unworthiness and pain.

We can no longer pretend that we are fine on the outside and be dying on the inside. Sooner or later, our insides catch up to our outsides.

We want to connect our head and our heart. Sometimes, the distance feels like miles—but let’s work on bringing them together.

You are not alone.


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Read 41 comments and reply

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