January 23, 2021

It’s Time to Stop Apologizing for our Soul’s Purpose & Rise Up.


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You feel it burning you from the inside out—your deep knowing.

It lives there, simmering quietly, yearning for you to simply acknowledge, open, release.

Not only is it there within you now, but it’s always been there. It simply is, whether you like it or not. The deep knowing is a part of you—a piece that will never disappear, no matter how long you continue to create sickness and discontent in your spirit by denying it.

You cannot lose it, but you must decisively choose it in order to truly activate the innate purpose that exists underneath.

I am sorry that you were taught to deny your inner knowing.

I am sorry that you were made to believe you are not enough, just by being.

I am so, so sorry that you feel like you are not worthy of your own deep trust, love, and compassion.

It’s time to rise now.

You have the power of decision, and, while you learned in the past that you’re not capable of wielding it effectively, that was a lie. It was a story made up generations ago and perpetuated down through your ancestry and into your genetic makeup. This myth, this illusion, stops with you.

You can choose how you proceed now that you have the knowledge necessary to evolve.

Let go of victimhood; it serves no one. Feel how much it’s distorted your entire existence, down to your very bones.

You are the creator of your own future. Every minute, every action you take, in this present moment, determines what will come.

What if, instead of finding this frightening, you let your pure inner self emerge and take delight in it? Move through your life with ease rather than strain, with connection to intuition, rather than forcing what another told you you should accomplish?

Who is living in your mind, your body, your spirit? Certainly not them. Why are you spending your life prey to the whims of others?

There is a deep knowing within you.

Once you awaken it, nothing and no one will deter you from your truth. Perhaps this terrifies you; it feels unsafe, unknown, territory you can glimpse on the horizon, that you understand within your body, but what your survivalist-brain rejects in a desperate bid to protect you from a harm that never existed.

Maybe you dismiss your own intuition because to step into your power feels overwhelming.

But know this: nothing can live inside you that you cannot handle. It is impossible to embrace your true nature in a way that is incorrect or misguided. Trust yourself.

Dive in deep, even though it is unfamiliar, even when you falter or want to back away.

It is never necessary to apologize for your authentic self.

Don’t let the energy of the world distract or deter you from your power, your vision. There will always be a convenient excuse you can utilize to keep yourself protected and small.

When your mind operates from a place of survival at all costs, it tells you that you cannot have what you want, be what you want, or embody yourself entirely.

Just breathe, and let go of the conditioning. Stop putting yourself into boxes because you think that’s what the world needs from you. It isn’t; that’s what other humans want from you; they feel uncomfortable because you’re embracing yourself wholeheartedly, while they might not be able to expand in that way quite yet.

You can keep a sense of compassion and love toward them while also opening your mind and heart to your path and what that means. They are not on your journey, so they have no real power when it comes to how and why you live the way that you do—unless you give it to them.

Step into your unique, personal light. No one else can offer what you offer the universe. No one. It is yours, and yours alone.

Let that radiate through your body as exciting, hopeful, and intensely precious. You have a gift that only you can share, so why would you withhold it?

The universe needs you and your power.

You know what you want; it is waiting, right there inside you, waiting for you to step toward it and into everything that you are meant to be.

No more apologies.

Claim what has been within you—for you—all along.

You are the light you seek.


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