February 8, 2021

Sexual Desire in Women & the Secret to Getting in the Mood. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Libby—they’re on a mission to support women’s health, wellness, and libido with their all-natural supplement, and we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.


It’s like clockwork.

My husband splashes water on his face (and the mirror), dries off, and is on his way to bed.

I undergo my three-step serum ceremony until my face leaves the bathroom resembling a glazed donut.

Our heads hit the pillow, and mine becomes saturated with a litany of lists:

Winnie needs to go to the vet tomorrow. She probably needs a bath after.

We’re both overdue for the dentist. Need to set that up.

Did I send that email? Damn. Need to check.

When was the last time I called my mom?

Why did I call my teacher “mom” in sixth grade? Argh. So embarrassing.

Minutes pass, and I turn to my husband—he looks like he’s been fast asleep for hours. What?! Snores, sighs, stagnant, sideways position. How?

All he’s missing is a mobile and a harpsichord serenading him with lullabies. I haven’t slept like that since…well, there’s photo evidence of it: my sonogram.

When he’s not zonked on-demand, he’s tapping my shoulder to see if I want to get busy. Busy? Doesn’t he know “busy” is the last thing I want to get? Lists aside, the past year of living-room takeout dinners and stained pajama sets hasn’t necessarily been a libido booster.

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What in the Houdini puts him right to sleep? 

How is he able to turn himself on faster than my Alexa when I merely enter the room?

It could be said that men are like an alarm clock: plug them in and they just work. Women are like a finely crafted timepiece: everything needs to be in sync to work well.

Well, this intricate grandfather clock has been out of sync for more time than my antique hands can count. Plus, my mental energy lends itself more to my to-do lists when than who I want to do.

I’m just trying to work on the sleep part first, and lately my meditation app isn’t doing the trick. Sorry, but I can still hear the wage gap over my Crackling Fireplace Sleep Soundscape.

Candles, Marvin Gaye, and a dimly lit bedroom aren’t cutting it either while my body is combating sleep deprivation. Add birth control side effects, daily stress, racing thoughts, a relentless pandemic—and sex has become as much of a priority to me as skincare products are to my husband.

I wasn’t always like this. What the heck is wrong with me?

The experts at Libby would say: absolutely nothing. 

Society has not even begun to acknowledge the insurmountable pressures weighing women down on a daily basis. The Betty-Lous and Peggy-Sues of the 1950s living up to quintessential housewife standards are still present in our societal view of women.

We don’t take into account full-time jobs, student loans, diet discrepancies, pollution in the environment, daily medication, or the elusive nuances of women’s bodies in the modern world. We especially don’t consider how much of an impact these factors have on our overall well-being.

While we’ve been yelling about these barriers into the void, Libby has been listening. They’ve been hard at work getting ahead of these issues by crafting a product that addresses the root causes interfering with our overall wellness, sleep, and libido.

Libby is a daily supplement that helps balance mood, manage stress, promote restful sleep, and support physical well-being. With vegan, holistic, non-GMO ingredients, Libby is at least one thing in our lives that’s not complicated.

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Beth Shirley, RPh CCN is a Registered Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist with over 40 years of experience in women’s health who has dedicated her life’s work to pinpointing the culprits behind women’s stressful sleep cycles and, as a result, lack of sexual desire. There’s a lot more getting in the way of us getting in the mood than just mood swings.

Libby’s clean, pure, scientifically crafted formula tackles these complex issues in three simple steps.

How it works:

>> Helps the body handle stress so we can actually get in the mood.

>> Boosts libido so we actually feel sexy. Even in my ripped, quarantine sweatpants? I’m in.

>> Boosts microcirculation and nitric oxide production so we actually enjoy ourselves once we’re in the bedroom.

Libby has achieved a balance of nature-based ingredients, sourced mindfully, that helps us achieve, well…balance:

  1. Saffron, sourced straight out of Spain, is a calming spice that supports balance in our mood and restful sleep.
  2. Damiana is a wild herb that not only restores desire in women, but helps with period symptoms. Dami—wish I would’ve heard of that one sooner.
  3. Potassium Nitrate is a circulation powerhouse that supports the production of nitric oxide in the bodya natural process that’s slowed down by poor diet, lack of exercise, medications, stress, pollution, and other elements.
  4. Panax Notosingeng has been used for over 2,000 years to help us stress less.
  5. Theacrine and caffeine are not created equal. No crash, all the energy, and mental clarity to boot.
  6. Ergothioneine is an antioxidant found in mushrooms that combats toxins with better cognitive function.
  7. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that gives us an immunity and serotonin boost.
  8. Vitamin B12 takes a supporting role in mood boosting and producing nitric oxide.

Each ingredient is intuitive, gentle, and intentional. All we have to do is take it each morning, and we can start seeing the effects within just 10 days.

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What does that mean for us?

Improved mood, a sense of balance, less stress, more energy, better sleep, and subsequently, better sex. Mental and sexual health are more intertwined than we collectively acknowledge, and self-care leads to sexual care. Libby lends us a hand in the self-care department and gives us the space to actually feel sexy—no Marvin Gaye required.

Take it from Libby Customer, Denise O.:

“I originally started taking Libby to try to get some sexual desire back. Which it absolutely has done! I have an overall better sense of well-being and happiness. I recommend it to all women.” 

With Libby’s support, we can trade our full plates for full cups. We can also rekindle our fires—with less of a need for that Crackling Fireplace Soundscape. No offense, meditation apps.

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Libby gets that we don’t have any more time to waste while we’re waiting on society to catch up with what it looks like to be a woman in today’s world.

We’re masterfully crafted clocks, and we deserve to tick whenever we feel like it.

Women’s Libido: 3 Ways Libby helps us Get in the Mood.

1. Boosts Libido, Naturally

Libby is a clean-label women’s supplement that helps balance mood, manage stress, promote restful sleep, and support libido.
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