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February 20, 2021


[From: SAUSAGE, HEAD CHEESE & SCRAPPLE, by Goliath & Trench]

It was dusty, dry and endless

Stretched beneath an empty sky

From horizon to horizon

Where the turkey buzzards fly,

Like a landscape meant to warn you

Just how far a man can fall.

Except for Ruby in El Paso,

Hell, it weren’t worth Texas at all.

Took a powder in Fort Stockton.

Crossed the Pecos makin’ time.

San Antone gave way to Austin

On the Travis County line.

Shot a rattlesnake in Waco

With my back against the wall.

Except for Bobbi-Jo in Beaumont,

Hell, it weren’t worth Texas at all.

I’ve seen Lubbock and Laredo,

Seen Odessa/Midland, too.

Met a sweet young thing in Brownsville,

Just another déjà vu.

Didn’t tell her I was leaving,

But I promised her I’d call.

Except for Emmylou in Houston,

Hell, it weren’t worth Texas at all.

Learned to do the Stockdale two-step

In the local Lone Star style.

Danced a Galveston fandango

With a Corpus Christi smile.

Set a sucker up in Dallas,

But my partner dropped the ball.

Except for Jill in Amarillo,

Hell, it weren’t worth Texas at all.

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