February 7, 2021

Learn your “Soul Astrology” for 2021.


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


Why and how Saturn will help you step into self-mastery in 2021.

Why is self-mastery important for your health?

With our world still being held tightly in the grasp of COVID-19, it might be interesting to know that in the ancient holistic healing modalities such as yoga therapy or Ayurveda, health was not merely understood as the absence of disease.

It involved a deeper connection to your soul. The Sanskrit word for health, svastha, derives from the words “sva” (“the self”) and “stha” (“to stand on, to stay with”).

You are healthy if you are linked to your deeper essence. One of the most important ancient texts of Ayurveda, the Sushruta Samhita (or Suśrutasaṃhitā), states:

“Sama dosha sama agnischa sama dhatu mala kriyāha. Prasanna ātma indriya manaha swastha iti abhidhīyate.” 

This translates to: “Health is the balance of the doshas (the three humours), the digestive fire, the bodily tissues, the excretion system, as well as a harmonious and pleasant soul, sense functioning and mind.”

So, who of us is really healthy?

As I work holistically with my clients, I believe that any form of successful cure or therapy or coaching doesn’t just remove that which we do not like. It also helps us gain stronger access to our inner guidance, soul strengths, and gifts.

In these times in which we are collectively thrown onto ourselves, exploring more of your inner essence and soul path can be a way to use this time for your benefit.

Soul astrology can be a huge helper in discovering your unique path to mastery, and Saturn is the planet that reveals to you your greatest achievement.

Why is 2021 linked to Saturn?


If we visit a planetarium together or peek into an astronomical program (see a picture), we find Saturn positioned in Capricorn throughout the year.

The planet will only leave Capricorn in May 2022. Saturn rules over Capricorn, and even though the expression “to rule over” might remind some of you of ancient kingdoms and movies with swords and crowns, you can simply imagine Saturn being at home in its own house.

Imagine being in the country in which you were born and happily lounging at home in your slippers. You know and understand the rules, the topics, the language. You feel comfortable and understood and therefore are more able to enact your prowess. That’s what happens if a planet is in its own zodiacal constellation.

Capricorn, on a soul level, marks the peak of the spiritual journey, the slow but steady ascent up the mountain to the summit of your soul and the gate of the Gods. Saturn is the one that encourages you to mature and overcome your greatest inner struggles and attain mastery.

Therefore, with Saturn working from the Capricorn constellation throughout the year, we have a magnificent opportunity of breaking through to a new way of being, collectively as much as individually.

“In Capricorn, the will nature arrives at fulfillment, and a visioned goal is reached. In Capricorn, the man reaches either the height of personal ambition, or he becomes the initiate, attaining his spiritual objective.” ~ The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

What does Saturn symbolize?

When the ancient stargazers looked up into the sky and saw Saturn in the very distance, they thought that it could be reached only after a long and arduous journey and that it represented the last one you would see before the journey would take you into the outer reaches of our universe.

Therefore, it was denoted as the final teacher, the symbolic omega, and is also called the guardian, or dweller of the threshold.

On a soul-based level, Saturn is known as the one that awaits us at the end of our spiritual journey, the lord that resides over karma and time and gives everyone the correctly measured rewards for what they have sown in their lives. 

(If you are interested to learn more about the soul meaning of all the planets, I recommend Ruth Haidkin’s Complete Foundations of Soul Astrology.)

Because of that position, Saturn has often been portrayed negatively as an old and authoritarian person who wants to inhibit or take away. But instead of thinking of Saturn as the planet that restricts or contracts, we can see it as the planet that forges your mastery.

Wherever Saturn is placed in your natal chart displays some of your greatest growth opportunities and struggles in this life. It points to your individual soul growth, the inner lessons that need to be understood and healed to be overcome.

The advancement and possible extension that Saturn can generate represents something evolutionary for your soul. Imagine how it would be to finally transcend some of the negative patterns or belief systems that you have carried with you for 30, 40, or 50 years.

Now imagine breaking through patterns that have maybe defined lifetimes or longer cycles of your soul. This is what Saturn is ultimately about—what it wants and what it urges you to work on.

Wherever Saturn was placed for you at the moment of your birth denotes the specific areas of your life that you need to take responsibility for. Saturn is a lot about inner maturation.

In the respective area that the zodiacal sign represents, you will be forced to develop a higher perspective, to learn perseverance and patience.

How to find out where Saturn was placed at the moment of your birth in your chart:

If you do not want to consult a sidereal astrologer, then your best bet is not an astrological program but an astronomical one. Unfortunately, many of the tropical astrological calculation systems do not consider where the planets were in real-time and are inaccurate.

There are good sidereal programs, but I would always go for an astronomical option, to be precise. Some can be downloaded for free and are quite easy to use. You just have to put in the date and time and the location of your birth and search for Saturn. I recommend the program Stellarium.

Interested to know more? You’re in luck! This is Part 1 of a series! More information about Saturn and your zodiac signs is coming soon! 


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