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February 10, 2021


I’ve saved all your pictures and kept all your cards;

If dreams may have shattered, I’ve treasured the shards.

C’est la vie, they make a bittersweet show and tell;

Like a night at the museum when ghosts of the past come alive,

And I listen for Lorelei.


But there’s no point in asking which treasure I prize;

Your enchanting smile and your bewitching eyes

Are of such to me, that it’s plain to see I’m under your spell.

Want to venture to the river like a lover of the truth

And just listen for Lorelai.


Now with winter abiding and spring still a dream,

These lay about days aren’t so bad as they seem.

What I mean is that the good old days can be now.

And even though it’s something I may never come to hear,

I still listen for Lorelai.

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