February 10, 2021

The Connection Between Spirituality & Genius.

Various studies on savants show that the correlation between the left brain with the right brain attributes to genius.

The “awakened” conceptualize the vastness of spiritual beingness—or connectivity to the infinite—with the practical facets of thinking from the inspired flow that enables them to excel in what they do.

While Albert Einstein, considered one of the foremost geniuses of the 20th century, has transformed scientists’ understanding of physics and astronomy with his theories, the intellect of Einstein himself has remained misunderstood.

Ever since pathologist Dr. Thomas Harvey harvested the scientist’s brain in 1955, researchers have tried to crack the mystery of Einstein’s genius by observing his brain.

A new study, published in the journal Brain on September 24, 2013, suggests that the two hemispheres in Einstein’s brain were unusually well-connected.

All scientists of ancient India’s past were yogis—awakened and liberated beings who could think outside the box of the mind. Spirituality’s offspring is consciousness that adheres and creates new frontiers for humanity—regarding intellect and realities.

Yogic philosophy contains the chakra system wherein the crown chakra, when awake, is called the Sahasrara (thousand petals of the lotus awake). Once awoken, the petals of awareness forever stand awake. This awakening experience is like stepping out of one level of consciousness into a higher level while understanding the concept of freedom as being liberated from the mind and its limits and past momentum of thoughts.

When we have a near-death experience or a powerful experience of awakening, we have, ourselves, lifted beyond the limits of the mind, and the way we think and perceive our realities have changed forever. This state is the purest state of joy ever experienced, and there is no reason (or all the reasons) behind this state of joy.

This experience has been expressed by sages, of all cultures and religions, throughout the world. The yogis of the Eastern traditions describe this as the lotus having blossomed with bliss. The yogis attribute this state of bliss as becoming Lord Siva, the form of bliss; this is the depiction of all religions—the spirit having a human experience.

Almost immediately after a spiritual experience, the pursuit into even deeper thresholds of seeking for more of this joyfulness begins. This seeking can be described as God, infinity, source, or the supreme self.

While a few of those who have experienced this first awakening take to lifelong meditative efforts—as the monks and yogis—some return back to the normal realities of society like marrying, having children, running a household, having a career, and holding responsibilities.

In the mystical path of the Siddhars, returning back to society to serve humanity from the highest state of consciousness has been indicated as the fastest way to evolve.

When we’re awakened and in society’s structures of responsibility, there is a different perception in how we spend each of our moments, our definition of time, our way of perceiving what success is, and our ability to understand life—during its best and worst situations.

All this—thinking from a higher place of consciousness, and then relating to the mundane realities faced—is the linking of the left brain with the right brain.

As in physical exercise, where muscles get stronger with each day, this exercise is the mental exercise of relating the left brain and the right brain.

These are important teachings of the Sages to exercise the left brain and the right brain and, in the process, become genius in our doings:

1. Go to a new country, or new location, leaving behind the past.

By restarting our life with awareness, we avoid past habits that were limiting and lead every thought from the intent of where we wish to be. Relocation now stimulates the right and left brain in relating better to each other, and there is much progress from being a seeker to becoming a master.

2. Understand, respect, and work the root chakra.

Although most religions advocate celibacy, the mystical path of most religions, the path of the Siddhars advocates wise utilization of the root chakra: understanding the need for a healthy sexual attitude, healthy relationships, the primal needs of food and sustenance from a point of moderation and consciousness.

In other words, when we embrace the root chakra, we embrace all the trivialities of life, all responsibilities. This enables us to exercise the left and right brain in everyday realities even more.

3. Understand time as what we do each moment.

When realizing that we are the spirit having a human experience, we also understand the spirit as ancient and the body as limited in time by shelf life. Within this understanding is the utilization of each moment exclusively aligned to our highest purpose.

We awaken to time. We realize that time is an experience, and each moment of time needs to be justified by what we do. The old Zen adage of, “Chopping wood before awakening and chopping wood after awakening,” does not hold true.

Once awakened, we will want to utilize our time more efficiently by how we act, whether it is in meditation and practices that bring us harmony or in day-to-day work that holds our heart’s intent.

An awakened being, normally, would sooner or later drop out of the rat race of survival mode and instead, see each moment of work justifying the highest purpose of existence.

4. Consider this quote by Rumi, “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”

Understand genius as states of joy that we uniquely feel—while doing whatever we love doing from our heart—and that no one is smarter than another. Everyone has a unique state genius.

Take the case of any insect or animal as an example of how there is a particular thing that every living being has that cannot be replicated by another species. Likewise, every person has a unique talent waiting to be tapped—these talents are specially programmed for us by destiny.

When we find the activity that brings us the most joy and understand this as an expression of ourselves, we begin to see sparks of our innate genius awaken. This is the right and left brain now aligning itself through the states of joy in our doing.

5. Consider ourselves a whole being; the many spokes in our wheels are multitalented abilities.

Beings like Leonardo da Vinci are perfect examples of those who exemplify genius in the many levels of accomplishment they were capable of. History notes that Leonardo da Vinci once wrote a biography of himself to the countess of Turin while seeking to be invited. In his bio, he lists over 25 different facets of himself; each facet showing amazing genius.

Today, we know Leonardo da Vinci as a talented master artist. Leonardo da Vinci listed his skill as an artist as the 23rd facet. This depicts the mind of a person awakened to the understanding of the wholeness of being.

The ability to do inspired work or play from the perspective of seeing ourselves as immensely huge beings exercises the bridge between the right and left brain.

6. Understand the journey into vast consciousness is never-ending, while delving into the joy and bliss factor of this inner journey through the mind.

After the initial experience of awakening, the journey has just started!

The right brain is forever thriving on more and more stimulation for connectivity to God or source or infinity or whatever we call it. The sages of the East call this yoga; the sacred union between individual ego and source.

When we awaken to this heightened state of joy, we then set a daily discipline to have more of this each day; this joy and bliss of love, in the yoga tradition, is called Bhakti.

Adi Sankara, one of India’s most revered masters, mentions, “When there is more of Bhakti, there is more of wisdom.”

Despite us feeling awakened or not, we should not compare ourselves with anyone. All that matters is to hold onto our own experiences, starting with understanding the states of joy and bliss in our daily practice of going inward: be it praying, meditation, contemplation, or any practice that gives us joy—like dancing, yoga, or even cooking. Acknowledge that bliss and joy state to be that of genius.

Slowly, we will set our discipline to have more joy as we journey through consciousness.

Awakened, the vastness of consciousness serves as profound realities that fulfill and inspire us. In the process of our own awakening to higher consciousness, humanity, too, transforms itself to the ingrained nature of peace, harmony, tranquility, love, freedom, and abundance.

* Excerpt from his book: Mastery of Consciousness—Awaken the Inner Prophet


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