March 26, 2021

7 Relaxing Videos for Sleeping Better & Healing with ASMR Fun.


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Have you gotten any tingles lately?

What are your favorite triggers? Oh, do you have a tingle immunity?

Yes, I’m talking about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). It’s all the rage on YouTube, but there’s a chance you haven’t heard of it before.

According to Think With Google, ASMR “is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body.”

Tingles are the feelings we get from ASMR, and triggers are the tools ASMRtists use to create tingles. If we have a tingle immunity, we may want even more powerful triggers.

ASMR takes things like tapping, scratching, whispering, crinkling, pouring liquids, eating, brushing, and more to another level. In fact, we will feel our brains and ears massaged throughout the videos.

We may start watching ASMR out of curiosity or as a joke, but it is addictive. Cardi B and other celebrities even tried it for W Magazine in an ASMR series. While initially, we might feel it’s comedic or even a little uncomfortable, I have to admit—it’s enthralling.

Roleplaying is a popular type of ASMR video. People play out therapy meetings like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR ) with ASMR noises on YouTube. Others have cranial nerve exams, go to the doctor, or fall asleep.

The goal is to relax in a fun way. Yes, it’s a little different, but it’s good to be open-minded.

Here are seven ASMR videos for sleep and relaxation—best enjoyed with headphones. 

  1. ASMR Hi-Fi Ear Attention 2H (Ear Massage, Brushing, Cleansing) by ASMR Promo.

This video is all about the ears. Tapping and cleaning sounds are created to massage your eardrums and relax the senses. Gloves, bubbles, wet baths, fine brushes, silicone sponges, and more are used as treats in this ASMR.


2.  ASMR Brain Massage (Intense Mic Scratching) by ASMR Glow.

This video works as a brain massage with the use of mic scratching. The experience is an overall joy because it feels like a head massage. She whispers and talks the whole time while only using her hands. This seems simple, but it is powerful!

She is a little goofy in the video too—saying things like, “Getting sleepy…when I just woke up!” She jokes about the massage being real, but that it would be weird. This video happens to be fun for that reason.


3. Sleep-inducing Haircut ASMR – Shampoo – Page Flippers – Scissors by Gentle Whispering ASMR.

Have you ever had a haircut that put you to sleep?

Well, this ASMRtist wants us to fall asleep in her salon! She chooses hair cuts with you, massages your scalp, plays with your hair, looks through magazines, cuts your hair, styles it, and more in her roleplay. She whispers the whole time creating the ASMR effect and you find yourself dozing off as she talks about face shapes and haircuts. By the time you wake up, you’ll have a new haircut! Well, not literally, but it may inspire a real style.


4. ASMR Doctor Roleplay- Yearly Exam by ASMR Darling.

It’s time to go to the doctor, not a real doctor—an ASMR doctor that is.

This video is purely roleplay for relaxation. These types of ASMRTists are giving personal attention to feel better and even fall asleep. They are not meant to replace real medical attention.


5. ASMR Guaranteed Tingles Using Your Favorite Triggers by ASMR Bakery.

ASMR Bakery has a ton of tools.

The many sounds, triggers, and tingles are endless. She goes through rhinestones, cork coasters, wood balls, hand sounds, nail tapping, and more. There is nothing she can’t and won’t tap. If you like videos with many tools to enjoy, this type is for you. In this one, she collected favorite triggers from fan comments and compiled them for the best experience.


6. ASMR with Binaural Theta Waves for Deep Sleep by ASMR  Bakery.

ASMR Bakery says for this video, “Theta brainwaves reflect a state between awareness and sleep, and it commonly happens when you’re meditating. This video includes 100~104Hz binaural waves,” along with other ASMR triggers. For a version without theta waves, skip to 39:24.


7. ASMR Fast and Aggressive Unpredictable Triggers by Annura’s ASMR.

Sometimes, slow and soft triggers aren’t enough.

We may develop tingle immunity for them or need more stimulation. ASMR’s fast and aggressive triggers help to solve that. The videos are full of different tools and techniques. The difference is the intensity and quickness of their use to create a more aggressive effect. That type is not recommended for sleep or even relaxation, but they are useful to help us to bring focus into the present moment with these sounds and tingle sensations.

All these videos are meant to make us more mindful and to bring some peace.

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