March 14, 2021

An Ode to our Breath. {Poem}


The Dance on Breath

To move and breathe

It is the dance on breath

It is the dance of the bones and of the tissue

As the dance moves internally

It oscillates the organs

It circulates the heart

As it empties out and empties out

The gunk the junk the pathogens

This dance on breath is fluid and slow

It fool’s the eye to watch

and not to know

How it stretches and strengthens the flesh and the bones

Of the beholder of this dance on breath

The mysterious dance on breath around and around it goes

It moves in

It moves out

It encompasses the soul

As this dance on breath this life-giving source

Illuminates the engager of this holy and sacred medicinal dance

it flows like water from the well

As it nourishes and nurtures

It’s healing and softness

It’s enduring life force

This dance on breath is the dance we dance

When we are sad weary and stressed

It arrives like a cool drink of water to our dehydrated mind’s and heart

It is the rehydration the reconnection when we feel most disconnected

It is the dance we dance to laugh to cry to sigh

About life and love and all those things we fret and dream about

It is this life

The force

The power

The birth

The rebirth

The love we so dream and desire of

For this life we live is but a dance of dreams and stars and magic

As we dance along the pulse of life

The beat, the choir of flowers in summer

We dance the dance of melodies within our bodies—our voice’s being heard and unheard

Being seen and unseen

As we take flight to the invisible splendour of this dance on breath

It beckons us toward

It’s heaven it’s fairyland it’s dream

As we have dreamt

For eon’s and years and lifetime’s

For we are the travellers along this path,

For we are this dance on breath.


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