March 8, 2021

Harry’s Biggest Concern was History Repeating Itself.

“And when I talk about history repeating itself, I’m talking about my mother.”

I have to admit that I am not an expert on the Royal Family but, like many of us, I am somehow fascinated by the dynamics at play.

So what happened?

Meghan and Harry met Oprah for an interview, and the rest of the Royal Family is not amused—some of them are actually pretty angry.

Oftentimes, the Royal Family is referred to as “The Firm.”

When I was a child, the Royal Firm was dealing with Lady Diana, who they loved just as much as they love Meghan Markle these days. Harry was the second son and already knew that he would never become King. After his mother passed, he went through several scandals and was obviously struggling with his role within the family.

Then he married Meghan Markle and finally seemed to be happy.

From the outside, it looks as if Meghan saved him from a family that always saw him as a burden—and then he returned that favor. Noticing that his beloved wife didn’t enjoy being part of the Royal Firm, he took a drastic decision. They left Great Britain, moved to the United States, and started a new life.

And that’s where things got really ugly.

The Firm was more offended by that move than back in the days when Harry dressed up as a Nazi for Halloween—and that gives us a little insight into the priorities of that family.

As the couple told Oprah in an exclusive interview, there were concerns about the skin color of their firstborn child. Meghan’s mother is Black, and there were worries that her son could have a different skin tone than the rest of the family—let that sink in.

But it doesn’t end there. Harry also claims that his father, Prince Charles, doesn’t answer his phone calls anymore. What a father figure: first he cheats on Harry’s mother, and then he ignores his own son.

Needless to say, Meghan and Harry also don’t get any financial support from the Royals anymore. The good news is that apparently, his Mom, Lady Diana, put some money to the side before she died. Maybe she saw all of this coming?

And then Harry made a statement during the Oprah interview that pretty much sums up the whole situation:

“My biggest concern was history repeating itself. And when I talk about history repeating itself, I am talking about my mother.”

Again, I am not a fan or expert on the Royals, but I don’t feel as if there is anything controversial about Harry and Meghan walking away from that sh*tshow.

But British media is not amused. Piers Morgan was bashing the couple on Twitter, and others will surely follow.

We are talking about the family that was backing up Prince Andrew after accusations of playing a role in the Jeffrey Epstein case. The same family that didn’t care about Meghan’s or Harry’s mental health issues—and most importantly, the family worried about the biracial identity of Harry’s wife.

Meghan and Harry did the right thing. Oprah did the right thing by giving them a platform to share their story.

This is a story of a couple supporting each other. This is a story of two human beings questioning traditions and addressing mental health issues. This is a story of a son who stands up against his father, who is blinded by loyalty toward royalty.

Maybe this was the last chance for the Royals to show that they are more than just a rich firm based on outdated privileges?

It could have been a beautiful story of a couple sticking together and overcoming personal challenges. Instead, it has become an ugly drama around a family that seems to not have learned from the past.

Harry did the right thing to protect his beloved wife—something that his father was not capable of doing.

Let’s not get distracted by the smear campaigns that will be thrown at the couple throughout the upcoming days and see this story for what it is:

A decent young man who continues his mother’s legacy (Lady Diana) and an empowered woman (Meghan) who encouraged her husband to do the right thing.

Harry wouldn’t be the man he is without the two most important women in his life: Meghan and Diana—that’s the real story we are looking at on International Women’s Day.


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