March 9, 2021

No more Trial & Error: How to Create a Mindful Life by Using a Simple Practice.

I’ve spent my entire life trying to find myself—not really knowing who I was or who I was supposed to be.

Through trial and error, I have realized trying to find myself was impossible.

If we don’t know what we’re looking for, we might miss it. But if we consciously create ourselves, we become what we were meant to be. You don’t leave it up to chance, you become, and all of us can be anything we want to be.

How does one go about creating themselves?

Let’s start with a list—a list of things that are important for us to accomplish. It could be a short, simple list of additional things to add to our already fabulous life, or our list could be a complete do-over of our entire life—it’s our list. It can be whatever we want it to be.

Take your time. There is no rush. You can edit your list as much as you want. Once the list is complete, go to the top of the list and prepare an in-depth summary of how you plan to execute each item. Make sure each item is detailed and specific to you and only you. This is not about how someone else would accomplish it, but how you will go about it.

Once we have our list prepared with an in-depth summary, we can actually begin to take action. We can work on them all at once or one at a time. We get to choose whatever way feels the most comfortable.

The goal here is to actually work on the list. The ultimate goal is to invest time into every item listed. However, we have to start somewhere.

Once we start working on our list, we need to be positive. We have to believe and have faith in ourselves—it’s a mindset. We have to set up our mind that no matter what interferes with our goals doesn’t stop us from moving forward. We are going to make these things happen. We are going to create that amazing life we desire.

We need to work hard on our list and give it our best efforts.

Every single item has a purpose. Every single item has meaning. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Work on it day and night— with purpose and with intent.

As we create ourselves, we will begin to feel our most authentic self arising. The best version of yourself is what you see, not what anyone else sees.

It’s feeling comfortable in our own skin. It’s accepting ourselves fully and completely. As we create ourselves, we are creating the best version of our being.

Don’t give up—even if it feels impossible on some days. Don’t ever give up. Fight for it.

As we move through our list, leave room for the unexpected—accept the unexpected. Sometimes there is even some magic in the unexpected.

Sometimes our path brings us to a place we never expected, but it just feels right. Sometimes our list changes as we move through it. Actually, most likely, our list will change as we go through it. We’ll need to readjust the list to keep up with the direction it takes us.

As you create yourself, always remember the following to achieve the best possible version of the self:

Love yourself.

Forgive, release, and let go.

See the beauty in everything.

Appreciate and be thankful.

Take a chance. 

Give 100 percent in everything you do.

Let’s go and be the best version of ourselves and create something beautiful—a mindful life.



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