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March 19, 2021

The World Needs More of Your Rebel Soul

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.

You know the days where the Universe piles those synchronicities making that message crystal clear? That was the morning of writing this piece. I was doing my hair, listening to music and scrolling instagram while knowing that I was looking for inspiration in writing a piece for this publication as well as writing this book that has been filling my being as of late and just waiting to spill out onto pages. I was reading a graphic about being a rebel to shine your light whilst the song Rebel Soul by FARR was playing as my songs played on shuffle. Ding ding ding! All the messages came in with clarity in a brief moment. The world needs more of your rebel soul.

What is a Rebel Soul?

Well, my definition of a rebel soul is someone who unconditionally loves and accepts every aspect of themselves; their hardships, their traumas, their tragedies, their sorrows, their points of shame and pain to transmute it into the light by fully embracing their authentic self. I mean, this is my jam in a very lived experience kind of way, and in essence as a Spiritual + Energy Coach what I help others navigate through every single day. It is an act of rebellion, because we shirk a lifetime of systems and programming that has led us to conform and dim the very light of our soul. A rebel soul uses all of their darkness to shine even brighter.

Why do we need a world of Rebel Souls?

This world we live in is ready to be lit up by everyone walking its surface in the best way possible. Your dimness is trying to conform does not light the way for your soul or the souls of any other person on this planet. It is without a shadow of a doubt your time to f*/king shine you beautiful being! Every soul on this planet needs to recognize the potential in other souls that are lit up so that we can transmute through every hardship we’ve lived through and live authentically aligned to our most full potential.

How do we become Rebel Souls?

Love and accept yourself. I cannot stress this enough. This means unconditionally loving every nitty gritty aspect of your being; no exceptions! Showing up in true alignment with your soul self every single day. Show your true colours; there is not a single aspect of yourself that isn’t beautiful or hasn’t contributed to your beauty and light. Hiding it and holding it in shame only dims your beauty. Shine. Unabashedly shine by leading and vibrating with your truth on the daily.

It is time to shift to a vibration of love and freedom by courageously showing up as your truest self.

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