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March 29, 2021

This is Derek M. Chauvin.

Who is Derek M. Chauvin?

“No wonder he thought he could murder a man in broad daylight with complete impunity. Just look at all the disgusting things he has gotten away with.” ~ Reddit comment

He’s finally been arrested. More and sources, below.

Read: Beautifully and powerfully written, “Well. My city is burning.” 


“If you think the country changed overnight, you haven’t been paying attention.

I lived in Minneapolis for ten long years before finally escaping. It is a simmering s**tpile of segregation and racism and has been for decades.

Over the last four years, racism has flourished under the beady-eyed gaze of Donald Trump, and racists in positions of power have grown more and more confident.

George Floyd was slowly murdered in broad daylight, on video, in front of dozens of civilians, by a police officer. While people screamed and begged for him to let Floyd up, his partners held the crowd back and allowed him to slowly crush the life out of “another n*****”. And instead of being arrested, this bag of human filth is being protected, not only metaphorically, but literally – dozens of cops in full riot gear were lined up around his house Wednesday night.

At the same time, in another state, seven people were shot in a protest over the killing of an innocent black woman in her home.

You didn’t wake up to find a different country. You woke up to the ignition of the powder keg that’s been smoldering for years. Fascism isn’t coming. It’s here.”

“The Poster Boy of Police Brutality.”

Remember: this is only one bad cop. There’s 1,000s. Hopefully, there’s 100,000s of good ones. In any case, we can’t rely on viral moments via Instagram or twitter to right every wrong. For that, we need the sunshine of quality local journalism. Support by reading, sharing, subscribing. They’re the only ones who’ll attend thousands of hours of boring endless city council meetings and hearings and root out this kind of corruption, big and banal, small and ongoing.

Sources below.

A worthwhile read: Hey America, I Can’t Breathe.

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