April 16, 2021

3 Songs to Celebrate Mother Earth on Earth Day.


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This month is our mother’s special day, aka Earth Day.

The earth doesn’t need much from us on this day.

No cake.

No candles.

No neatly wrapped presents.

What she needs is her children (us) to feel her and honor her.

To put our bare skin against hers and hear her wishes. Her wishes of caring for her and helping her heal.

You don’t have to fight global warming in one day to let her know you care. Small acts add up and count too.

Here are three ways you can celebrate (and give back to) our mother on her special day:

1. Go the entire day without: using your car, buying plastic, or contributing to pollution and the destruction of her.

2. Grab a trash bag and hit the streets: pick up trash, collect waste, and do what you can to clean her up.

3. Plant something: we as humans are really great at extracting her resources. Honor her by planting and giving back.

Here are three songs to blast on your iPhone this Earth day in her honor:

1. Honor the Earth by Nahko & MFTP

2. Mother by Trevor Hall

3. Eastern Sun by Ayla Nereo

Maybe try listening to these songs while you give back to her.

The more we can live in a good way for her, the better we leave this beautiful place she gifts us to our children and their children.

No need to get overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to heal her on a global scale. Let your small actions be a start, and let them be enough.

She doesn’t judge you for how much you take care of her. She just asks us to do it.

Happy Earth Day to the mother whom we call home.

Check out “Eastern Sun” here:


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Read 6 comments and reply

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