April 18, 2021

Pure Love isn’t Afraid of the Darkness.

Pieces spread across an eternal wasteland—lost to each other in the void of broken despair. 

Mocked by the darkness consuming the shell that once beat with the strength of a lion’s pride. My lionheart ripped to pieces by the hyenas stalking me under the shadow of the moonlit plains of life.

Decaying with distrust and the uncanny ability to push away any light that tried to penetrate the black hole, a hole that had been created by decades of drilled deceptions. Cracking slowly to the point that it finally exploded, shattering pieces of memories, watching them fall to hells reaching hands as the devil himself smiled at the thought of another blackened soul to add to his collection.

Even in the darkest of nights, the light can penetrate with love’s desired wishes, bringing an angel who wasn’t afraid of the dark. Her wings open, shining, the warmth from her smile filling the freezing tundra with the warmth of a thousand suns.

Her delicate hands picking up the pieces she sees lain at her feet, using her tears as the glue to piece together the complex puzzle of emotions that she needs to make whole again. The missing pieces she replaces with parts of her eternal glow, filling the gaps that were deemed lost forever with the purest of love, from the righteous deity that craved to inject the spark of life back into the befouled vessel she held.

She pulls it close to the incorporeal glow that lit her up like a lighthouse that warns sailors of the dangers of the obsidian night. She blows a kiss into the hands that hold. Her heavenly breath filled with a loving life force that intercalated every fibre of the heart she holds so dearly.

She feels the faint beat of drums of a thousand strands of the purest devotion ripple and strengthens. Getting louder with every passing second as she smiles and turns to me, her beauty radiating, filling me up with emotional affection and the warmest of everything love has to offer.

She places my heart back into my empty, void chest as my body explodes to the sound of a million angels singing the most beautiful chorus—I feel alive again. She takes my hand and asks me to follow her. I ask where to?

She replies:

“To our eternity, my love.”

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Read 4 comments and reply

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