April 1, 2021

Atlanta, Boulder, Orange County—Enough Thoughts & Prayers, we need Action.


Another shooting, another tragedy, another good reason to rethink gun laws—and another proof that thoughts and prayers don’t work.

Atlanta, Boulder, and now Orange County, California—three shootings within almost the same number of weeks. Is this the “to-be-expected” effect of the country opening up again after months of shutdowns, lockdowns, and restrictions?

Thoughts and prayers are rolling in—but isn’t that part of the problem?

Well-wishes and condolences are not helping any of the four victims who got shot in Orange County; it’s not taking away any of the pain from their loved ones, and most importantly, it doesn’t prevent this from happening again.

As a European, I cannot understand the lack of action when it comes to stricter gun laws. The number of people getting shot in the land of the free is higher than in countries most Americans would not like to travel to because of safety concerns (Nicaragua, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, and many others).

Enough thoughts and prayer; we need action.

Joe Biden needs to take immediate action, the media needs to reflect the desire of millions of Americans to feel protected, and the politicians and lobbyists defending the Second Amendment should be held responsible for every death caused by their unwillingness to make changes.

This is not about folks enjoying their hunting trip or single moms defending themselves with a gun; this is about hundreds, if not thousands, of mentally challenged men owning deadly weapons.

Have you ever heard of a woman conducting a mass shooting? I haven’t.

“Guns don’t kill people, people do”—this might be true, but these people we talk about here are the ones who are unable to create laws protecting the safety of each and every American. 

This is not about a “well-regulated militia,” as mentioned in the Second Amendment; this is a nation full of potential mass murderers suffering from mental illness who carry firearms.

Enough thoughts and prayers. This needs to stop.



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Read 3 comments and reply

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