April 11, 2021

Create a “Dark Moon in Aries” Altar according to your Sun Sign. {April 12}


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed


The dark moon in Aries falls on April 12.

April’s dark moon is in the element of fire, which is either consuming or transformative, depending on one’s state of being in the moment. Either way, the crone moon phase (waning crescent to dark moon) is a journey into the depths of the soul.

I like to create an altar to the varying phases; it grounds and makes tangible an energy that would otherwise be swirling all around us. A dark moon altar is especially powerful in the territory of the dark goddess and the wise crone.

An altar is a sacred space for ritual and fermenting our intentions. When you focus the moon’s energy in this way, the spells you cast become powerfully aligned—you are the lightning rod between the upper and lower worlds.

Our individual magic—based on soul frequency, sun, and ascending sign—makes our magic personal. During the time of dark moon, when we contemplate, release, compost, and transform, we prepare nutrient-rich soil for casting dream seeds into. This happens at the waxing crescent moon—the domain of the maiden. I like to wait until the first crescent appears in the sky to do so.

Altar building can be incredibly soothing—it’s an activity that brings us into the present moment. We use our hands, our intuition, and our intention; we can sing as we build, pray, hum, or play music in the background. We can create alone or with another.

Here are some suggestions for your altar—but always, no matter what the list says, remember to listen to what your altar calls out for.

Dark moon altar elements:

Goddesses to work with are Hekate, Pele, Yaga, Cerridwen, Kali, The Morrigan, Lilith, or a dark goddess you recognize from your culture. The dark goddess reminds us of our wildness and sovereignty. She awakens memories of ancient times when we were in tune with our cycles, our wisdom, and our inner fire. She is often demonized because she chooses her freedom over security, speaks her mind, and embraces her shadows. We lean into her at dark moon for the courage to walk our empowered path.

Items to add by sun sign (your inner self) and ascending sign (the outer self):

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (fire): dragon symbol, matches, cayenne pepper, cactus, god symbol, red candle, sun symbol, orange or yellow crystals, orgonite pyramid with copper, carnelian, red agate, amber.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (earth): salt crystals, apothecary bottle or bowl of salt, salt lamp, scattered herbs, bowl of sand or earth, sticks, moss, fern fronds, pentacle, bone, acorn, seeds, pentacles tarot cards.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (air): incense, a feather, smudge, athame, wand, book, bell, swords tarot cards, seed heads, spoon, rattles, blue crystals, bird, dragonfly or butterfly imagery, smoky quartz, clear quartz.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (water): moon-water or bowl of blessed water, river rocks, sea shell, goblet, wine, crystal ball, yoni symbol, driftwood, amethyst, aquamarine, mirror, ace tarot cards.

Balance your elements:

Pick one or two things from the balancing element to add to your altar. Fire balances air, water balances earth, and vice versa.

Example: I am double water in Scorpio (sun) and Cancer (rising). I balance each with the earth element. If you are fire and earth, for instance, balance with air and water, respectively.

When you have your altar built, the last item to add is a list of things you would like to release in your emotional, physical, and spiritual worlds. You can burn this list after meditation by your altar. Journal anything you feel needs recording at this time.

*Final Note The only spells to be cast during the dark moon are banishment, cord releases, or breaking curses. One can also perform a curse or hex, but these are not empowering for anyone, especially not the one casting.

Blessed dark moon, wild one. Be well, be abundant, and be transformed by the fire of the dark moon. And so it is.

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