April 16, 2021

Why you Don’t F*ck with a Warrior Queen.

One could simply say it’s because she will tear you apart, and that would be pretty damn accurate—but this goes so much deeper than a simple one-liner.

The warrior queen would have been built from the ashes of fires, long burnt out in her life, the traumas, heartbreaks, and the indelible claw marks that cut deep on the surface of her flesh; her heart has been crushed by a multitude of now irrelevant shadows of the past.

She has picked herself up from rock bottom more times than she cares to remember, each tear shed washing away the remnants of ashes from fires long ago extinguished. She replaces them with a new fire that burns within an iron furnace, forged out of the strongest cold steel and built to withstand any barrages that life can fling with all its earthly might.

Her spirit now soars in the heavens, the newest star to join a constellation of like-minded women who now shine down on the people who are still the victims of circumstance. These survivors light up the darkness for those who are still trapped, looking through the closed windows during the harshest nights, praying to spread their wings and be free, longing to be embraced and comforted by the strong warrior souls, hoping one day they will shine bright and reach down to help others heal too.

A warrior queen doesn’t take fools lightly, and the words cast upon her ears by the jesters in the kings playground may still drive a knife into her emotions. Instead of falling to her knees, cowering with fear, she removes the knife and drives it harder and deeper into the ones who cast their wicked, undeserved judgements upon her.

She not only slays the dragon, but George himself with a fierce swing of her flaming sword, representing her new determination to never back down from anything, ever again. A sword crafted from the broken pieces of herself she bonded back together and set alight by turning her pain into passion.

To love a warrior queen means accepting her with no questions asked. She knows who she is, and she knows what she wants; she will not be changed. She wants someone to believe in her with all they have. Someone to challenge her, to push her to exceed her limits, and she will relish this challenge and love harder for it. She needs someone by her side, unafraid to stand tall to show the world that her beautiful soul is kept safe by one person. She needs a partner who will go above and beyond because she is f*cking worth it.

If you can earn her trust through your wholehearted commitment, she will love you with an unimaginable passion and unfathomable desire. She will be your guiding light, picking you up when you are down, and she will never stray. She will be the lobster you always wanted, staying with you for the entirety of your life because you goddamn earned it.

A warrior queen is a woman who was nearly broken but fought hard for herself, rising up like a phoenix from the ashes, spreading her wings with an explosion of orange and reds, blinding your eyes as she screeches for the first time. Her cry is her calling to the other phoenix in the world.

She is alive, and she will burn you the f*ck down if you cross her. Sit back and watch her fly with eternal beauty—lighting up the sky and setting the whole goddamn world on fire.



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Read 12 comments and reply

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