May 25, 2021

How I want you to Love Me. {Poem}


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I want to be your obsession, not your distraction.

I want to weigh passionately on your mind and in your heart.

I want you to crave me, to look for me in your dreams.

I want you to be willing to move mountains to get to me.

I want you to hold me so tight my breath catches in my throat.

I want you to touch, to savour, to devour every inch of my body and soul.

I want you to stand bravely by my side and face all kinds of weather—storms as well as sunshine.

I want to feel adored, safe, and cherished.

I want you to put your hand in mine and journey with me to higher realms.

I want you to protect me, protect us, with unyielding devotion.

I want you to hold my tears, not cause them.

I want you to tenderly and reverently hold my heart, not break it.

I want you to tell me the truth, not bludgeon me with it.

I want all of you—not just the shiny parts.

I want you to show me all your colours and your shadow and love me in mine.

I want a sacred union of trust.

I want you to join me in the vulnerable place, mine and yours.

I want a cosmic love that transcends time and space.

I am waiting.

Come find me.


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