May 18, 2021

Mercury Retrograde: Top Tips from a Tarot Reader, an Astrologer & a Psychic Empath. {Partner}

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Mercury Retrograde can be good for us!

Yep, you read that right. The next takes place from May 29th – June 22nd and, rather than fearing it, we can actually benefit from it. I’ll explain…

First, I have a confession: I’m a card-carrying astrology skeptic.

That said, I also practice something called “beginner’s mind.” This means cultivating an attitude of open-minded curiosity, even when it comes to things I don’t necessarily believe in. This way, I always learn something valuable. And that’s what happened when I spoke to three of’s top psychic advisors about the much-maligned phenomenon of Mercury Retrograde. 

Their advice gave me new insight into what I once thought of as a spiritual-ish excuse for bad behavior, a.k.a. “When things go wrong, it’s the universe’s fault, but never my own.”

Making Friends with Mercury Retrograde: 5 Tips from a Psychic.

Tip #1. Don’t Panic—Prepare.

“We can learn a lot from Mercury if we stop and listen.” ~ Adam Elenbaas

There’s no shortage of articles warning of the chaos Mercury Retrograde can set in motion here on Earth. But, as one of’s most popular Tarot readers Mysticalcraft Arriana points out, it’s also the most misunderstood of all astrological elements. 

“A lot of people run screaming when it comes to Mercury in retrograde, saying you can’t do anything new, but this is a natural phenomenon that happens three or four times a year. We can’t live our lives taking three weeks off every few months. I mean, that’d be great! But the world doesn’t work that way, so we really have to stop panicking so much and use our common sense.” 

Now is the time to slow down, take a step back, and pay closer attention to both our own actions and the actions of others.

SirCheo, a psychic empath on, agrees that while Mercury Retrograde is a popular topic, it’s hard to find great advice out there on how to approach it. 

Rather than running for cover, he suggests using it as an opportunity to enter a state of “deep, extended meditation” through journaling and practicing some form of meditation. Be prepared for things to be shaken up over the coming weeks and use this time as a chance to tap into your own internal source of wisdom and direction.

Prepare energetically for the upcoming Retrograde:
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Tip #2. Flip your Perspective.

Astrologically speaking, each planet represents a particular part of our individual psyche. So, depending on when we were born, what any planet is doing at any given time will reflect the way in which we experience our personal reality in relationship with the greater collective.

This means we feel a shift in the areas of our life that the planet entering retrograde is responsible for. In astrology, Mercury represents the mind, which includes not only our individual intellects but also our collective “mind”: i.e. communication, technology, transportation systems.

And, just as the moon exerts a pull on the tides, the principle of Retrograde is that as Mercury passes us by and appears to move backward in the zodiac, it exerts an “oppositional pull” which has the potential to “reverse” the usual direction of the element it represents. Hence, Mercury in retrograde has the potential to turn all things usually “linear and rational” (the element of the mind), inside-out and upside-down. Hello, retrograde chaos!

But rather than fleeing to our bunkers three times a year, Mysticalcraft Arriana suggests that we accept this reversal of the “ordinary flow of things” and use it to our advantage. Address those projects that you’ve been stuck on, that paperwork you’ve been putting off, anything you’re in the midst of…you may find you’re able to see something you weren’t able to before. expert astrologer Leslie Hale agrees: “There is a purpose to retrograde: and it’s a time to redo, redefine, and redesign our own lives. Now is the time to see the flaws in our thinking, our projects, our life, whatever is not really working, and just reflect on the direction we’re going in. We may get some information we need to continue to move forward.”

Tip #3: Slow the Eff Down.

“Mercury will have a funny way of helping us dislodge the patterns of our mind that we are most unconsciously identified with and Mercury will tend to do so in highly bizarre and tricksterish ways.” ~ Adam Elenbaas

Basically, Mercury Retrograde is a friendly reminder to check yourself before your wreck yourself. Think of it as a helpful handicap. Give yourself extra time to consider things. Pay special attention to your words, both written and spoken. 

Mysticalcraft Arriana says, “I always tell my clients when a retrograde is coming up (especially those self-employed, because their income depends on it), before you send anything out, re-read it that third time. Just slow it down. Sit on it for a bit… 

To me, it’s a tool we should use to help ourselves rather than hurt ourselves.” 

In and out of Mercury Retrograde, we are responsible for our actions. In and out of Mercury Retrograde, we all have free will. So, stop throwing your hands up in the air about Mercury Retrograde. If you know it’s coming, then use it! With a little planning, we can make the most of this time.

How do we know exactly what we should plan for? Mysticalcraft Arriana suggests using Tarot.

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“A lot of my clients will ask, is there anything I need to address during this Retrograde? I use the cards to see what areas they might be forgetting. Forgetting aspects is common. We’re too busy. Tarot helps you pick up on something you might have forgotten. You can use it to help ground yourself as well. It reminds you of the good you’ve already established, and what you might need to pay attention to, as well as where not to waste your time. I often finish off readings by suggesting clients ask the cards this question, ‘What do I need to know?’”

So, instead of dreading it, why not ask Mercury Retrograde what you need to know?

Tip #4: Retrograde Looks Different for Everyone.

The effects of Mercury Retrograde, according to astrology, will vary depending on where it falls in our personal chart. If you were born during a Retrograde, you may even find these three weeks are your “luckiest times.”

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde takes place in Gemini, which is the sign that rules Mercury (along with Virgo). So, Gemini and Virgo people will have to pay special attention.

Here’s a handy outline from astrologer Leslie Hale:

Aries: 3rd house, which rules your mind and thinking and also has to do with siblings, immediate family members, or people in your neighborhood.

Taurus: 2nd house, which means you may need to be aware of your money situation, perhaps discover something you need to know, maybe something you’ve forgotten to take care of.

Gemini: 1st house, which rules you on a personal level and also more powerful, you can begin to think about things involving your personal life.

Cancer: 12th house, which is the subconscious mind, things that might be secret and hidden to other people.

Leo: 11th house, which rules friends, hopes and wishes, or organizations, so changes may be occurring in your community.

Virgo: 10th house of priorities, career, new information, the main focus is matters of priority in your career, this retrograde may feel more powerful to you, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Libra: 9th house, which has to do with your outlook on the world which could change during this time, education, travel, philosophy of life.

Scorpio: 8th house, which has to do with things that are hidden, finance, money, loans, at times it could have to do with sex.

Sagittarius: 7th house of others, which involves partnerships both personal and professional, there may be things going on with other people in your life.

Capricorn: 6th house rules health, there’s nothing to fear, health includes diet, fitness, and also has to do with work-life, so you could see changes here.

Aquarius: 5th house has to do with children, friends, love affairs, and creativity, so pay attention to these areas.

Pisces: 4th house, which is your basic foundation, your home, your family life, your job, and is an important house, so this may be a powerful one for you, too.

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If you’re sincere about using tools like psychic intuition, Tarot, and astrology to help your life and make well-informed choices, one tip which all three advisors echoed is to keep a journal. See what happens both in and out of Retrograde. Then you can look back and say, “I see this pattern.” If you want to understand anything that isn’t cut and dried, that has variables and subtlety, keeping journals is a helpful practice. 

Tip #5: Lighten Up! There’s No Such Thing as Bad Luck.

“The trick with Mercury is to stay calm, have a good sense of humor, and remember that any planetary activity is not only happening ‘to us,’ it’s also happening ‘for us.’” ~ Adam Elenbaas

There’s a Zen story about a farmer whose horse runs away, then comes back with another horse, which his son tries to break in, and breaks his leg, then a war breaks out, and his son escapes conscription because of his leg…in between each incident, his neighbors keep saying, “Oh, what bad luck!” or “Oh, what good luck!” The farmer just replies, “Maybe.” The point is that things are neither bad nor good; only our interpretation makes them so.

I loved the advice that SirCheo gave in this regard: “Mercury is the trickster, so don’t lose your sense of humor about it. Things going wrong can be funny if we can stay ‘loose-minded’ about ourselves and our lives.”

Mysticalcraft Arriana agrees: “By just stopping your activity, you’re not overcoming your challenges. You’re just leaving them to happen at a later date because you’ll rush and that’s the whole meaning of a retrograde (to slow down). So, by trying to hide from it for the whole three weeks you’re ending up causing yourself the problems that you can avoid by using the retrograde properly. 

So, realize that you can’t hide from Mercury Retrograde. It sounds so dire, and it’s funny, but it’s nothing to fear. It’s part of this universe, after all.”

We’re all on a unique journey:
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