May 12, 2021

Powerful: Jewish Professor speaks against crowd, for Palestine.

Wow, never heard this–incredibly moving given that it’s speaking up against mob mentality.

May we learn to live in peace, not aggression.

“It’s been a loooong tike since I saw the full clip but iirc the professor said something like, that even though most Germans did not support the Holocaust, they did support the Nazis and did support kicking Jews out of their homes. So people who “support Israel” and what they are doing today are no better than the Nazi supporters back then.

The “offensive to Germans” line was just BS because the girl had nothing. She presumably supported Israel and was angry that she had been indirectly (paraphrasing) called “no better than a Nazi supporter”. She couldn’t say, “that is offensive to people who support Israel” (because no shit, it’s supposed to be), so she tried to make it about being offensive to the Germans.

I think. Again it’s been a long time since I saw the whole thing.”


We got a lot of hell for posting another point of view, recently. Hundreds of comments, unfollows.

Well now.

If you have to unfollow everything you disagree with, you’re looking for a bubble, not a community. I disagree with Israel’s actions, but am open and happy to read posts by those who don’t feel the same way, and listen.

Here’s where I stand. I’m pro-peace, and anti-colonialism. I’m also pro-being-able-to-talk-and-listen-and-disagree, here on Elephant. 

Full video:



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Read 2 comments and reply

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