May 24, 2021

Sagittarius Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse: an Invitation to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs & Open to the Unimaginable. {May 26th}


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

“As long as you trust yourself, you’re always in your power.”

The vibrational quality of these words, by author and astrologer Molly McCord, would probably be enough to encapsulate the energy of what we are currently moving through. But, of course, it’s always helpful to know the bigger story that’s unfolding and what we are feeling, because right now, it’s still only an intuitive feeling, a hunch, a precognition of what is to come.

We have little to no idea still of how life is going to look, where we will be, who will be beside us—the nitty-gritty details the mind so badly wants to grip onto for security.

This is Gemini. The mind. The mental chatter.

We are now in Gemini season. Perhaps, you can feel it too. A quickening of ideas and thoughts—which can be uplifting or hyperactive and dis-regulating, depending on if we are too caught up in the mind’s generating reel of thoughts—while simultaneously a lightening of the heart. As if a heavy, heavy load was lifted.

And, of course, you may still be carrying the load, and that’s totally okay too. You’ll know when it’s time to let it go.

That is the inner trust we are forging. Not comparing ourselves to anyone else, even where our minds think we should be, but continuing to trust what we know and feel in each changing moment, because the truth is, and as Gemini knows best, it will change. With the sun in Gemini, the mutable, changeable sign of the twins, we are seeing the changeable nature of life, as well as the ever-existing duality at play.

And I want to emphasize the play aspect. Because life really is a play, a dance of energy. It is only in our perception that we make it to be a war with the other.

But what if the two seemingly opposing sides of us (Gemini) are both allowed to be there, without making the other one wrong? The funny thing is, we don’t have to choose. We get to be human and spirit. Light and dark. Feminine and masculine. It’s in the relationship between the two, how we are relating to these aspects of self, and also how these sides are relating to each other that matters and dictates where we learn and grow.

Mercury (the planet of communication and of the mind) is also in Gemini, about to station retrograde as of May 29th. We are in the pre-shadow period of this retrograde, so we may already be feeling and sensing, in our subconscious world, the need to reflect on how we are communicating our messages and recently realized truths to others.

Mercury feels at home in the sign of Gemini, its ruler. Ideas and thoughts can be changing rather quickly, and with Mercury going retrograde, there is a slowing down, a need for review of the many paths and trajectories our minds are entertaining and dreaming up.

Venus (the planet of love, romance, self-worth, personal values, and beauty) also moved into Gemini on May 8th and will stay there until June 2nd. Venus in Gemini is blessing us with new opportunities for expanding our social circles, connecting with more people, and reconnecting with people we haven’t seen in a while, perhaps before the pandemic. Of course, with COVID-19 restrictions lessening just over a year after it all began, we are all feeling the lightening of our hearts as we safely get back out into the world, in tune with what feels good and right for us, and open and receptive to these budding connections again.

Venus in Gemini is light, fun, playful. It is silly and celebratory. It is the lived expression of life. As humans, just being here in these bodies is the celebration and purpose. We may be meeting new people at this time, whether that be in romance, friendship, or otherwise, which sparks a match of inspiration, of divine play in our hearts, of renewed promise and hope that when we allow life to flow—surrendering to life as it comes, staying open to the unimaginable and the magical—beautiful things can and do happen.

We are being shown how to stay open without needing to know the outcome.

With this lightening of our hearts, we simultaneously may be feeling a pull backward into the past. Seeing and understanding old beliefs we’ve had about ourselves and life, and seeing more clearly how to let these go, even if some days they can be so convincing of the truth. As we align deeper, with a more expansive sense of truth and self-value, the darkness of self-doubt, unworthiness, and fear no longer has as much purpose anymore. The darkness has been a teacher for so many of us for so long. And we must remember, light and dark both have inherent potencies of teaching within them.

The nodes of the moon are mirroring the present energies as well. We have had the south node in Sagittarius and the north node in Gemini for some time now. The south is where we’ve been (letting go of old beliefs, ideologies, paradigms). The north is the new, the unexplored terrain of what’s possible, the imaginative quality of where we have yet to go.

Adding to this energy is the full moon and full lunar eclipse in the mutable sign of Sagittarius, landing on May 26th, at 7:14 a.m. EDT, giving us our first dose of eclipse energy this year. We will have two more eclipses this year on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis: a solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th and another Sagittarius lunar eclipse in December. So, this is just the beginning.

In the traditionally learned, but highly disempowering, more fear-based lens, eclipses and significant astrological events are often viewed with messages of turbulence, chaos, and doom. Again, though, this eclipse energy is mirroring the nodes of the moon and what we are releasing; it is the potent opportunity to change our perception of these events—to see them as magnificent opportunities that have the potential to connect us even deeper to ourselves, to high-vibration energy, to a deepening sense of self-trust, play, joy, and beauty.

It is only in our mind’s perception that we can see such things as chaotic and tumultuous.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. It is associated with the archer, the half-man/half-horse with the bow and arrow ready to release and hit his target. Normally, this energy can be driven, motivated, charged with optimism and excitement. Sagittarius energy is warm and bright, and invites us to feel into the power of optimism, that no matter what happens, we will make it through and come out stronger. It’s the energy of expansion, exploration, and vision. It can be a more restless energy, always on the hunt for the next adventure, and never settling. It can feel harder in this energy perhaps to find the “thing” that will bring us long-lasting fulfillment, because maybe, just maybe, each adventure we go on brings its own sense of fulfillment.

We have all certainly been going on a journey this last year or so—a quest, if you will—for our deeper heart’s fulfillment. This full moon and eclipse invites us to do just that. It invites us to let go of old, outdated, negative, self-defeating beliefs, while simultaneously asking us to open to the possibility of our dreams manifesting in unimaginable ways we can’t even see with our mind’s eye yet.

With so much energy in mutable signs, we are being asked to release our grip on what security is supposed to look like. Be open to change, and remain open to its process. We can use the moon in Sagittarius energy to focus, and the sun in Gemini energy can bring in an infinite number of new ideas, options, and connections. It can also bring in the energy of distractions, or getting lost in the web of thought, maybe even dipping back into negative thinking. So as best we can, we must be intentional with our focus.

Focus on the good. Focus on the beauty. Focus on the possibility of love and abundance coming your way. Our focus and perception is a powerful tool. We can direct our attention to the good by first acknowledging the good that already exists, bringing gratitude into each moment in whatever ways we can. And then watch, even in the surrender to gratitude for each breath we take, how much better we feel.

There is a deeper invitation here as well: an intuitive feeling of surrender. Of trusting, on some level, that we are going exactly where we need to be, that we can trust what we feel, that we can play with our dreams and imagination now, and that when we align our values with what we desire, the universe will take us where we need to be.

This is the energy of Jupiter having recently entered into Pisces—the expansion (Jupiter) of our intuitive, dream-like, otherworldly knowing (Pisces). This is a beautiful energy coming through. We are being blessed with an expanded spiritual knowing (one we always have, of course, but the energies are making us more aware of it). Of course, anything in excess can be destabilizing, and Jupiter can do that, so we are being asked to always return to trust, return to what is right here: grounding and staying present.

Magic is afoot right now. Magical meetings. Magical moments. Universal communication and messages coming through our dreams, numbers, words from others, signs we are seeing, and downloads we are receiving and staying open to. Our hearts are being rewired for new possibilities, ones we can feel and trust, but ones our minds don’t know the details of just yet—nor do they need to.

Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) energy is the energy of expansion, travel, and exploration. What delights our heart? If we’ve endured any trauma (hello to being human) and if joy or love can feel scary to fully receive, can we let ourselves receive even just 10 percent more of that joy and love? And, if we are afraid or our nervous systems are having a harder time integrating all the energies coming our way, all we need to “do” is return to gratitude.

This full moon eclipse energy is reminding us that our past (who we’ve been, what relationships/identities/beliefs we’ve had) will always, to some degree, be a part of us—but what future path are we envisioning to create and explore now? We can let go of the heavy weight of the past only as readily as we can begin to open to the possibility of new creation. And this is a different process for each person. Eclipse energy has the potential to accelerate energy and put us on a higher timeline, as long as we are trusting ourselves along with the energy, and not overthinking it. This initiative and energy will be with us for the next six months, and, as always, there is no rush, only opportunity.

Through all these changes and shifts, we have been becoming more available for the unexpected, more open to trusting the unseen and the unknown. And, of course, as we also exist in a human body, with a mind and nervous system, we need to tend to both parts with great care, nurturing, and calming strategies. We will know when we are no longer in control of our own minds and energies. And rather than getting more afraid of the spinning out, maybe do one thing to soothe. Somatic strategies are best, like simply placing hands on our bodies, speaking soothing words to our hearts, receiving touch from another, and taking a walk or a few deep, conscious breaths.

We are learning how to engage with our thoughts in new ways, rather than the old ways of re-traumatizing ourselves with our own learned (and can be unlearned) harsher, self-policing inner dialogue. We are opening to a new way of how we relate to these darker aspects of our being. We need not shun them away, but bring them out into the light of day with loving awareness and attention.

We are being asked to release what is no longer in resonance with our journey moving forward. Yes, there can be great grief and loss to this process. Honor that. Honor whatever is coming up in you, both heaviness and lightness, fully. Gemini energy shows us we can hold both in our hearts.

Create more space for all to be as it is. Create more room for what is coming, what we’ve already tasted, touched, and felt. We don’t have all the answers yet, nor do we know the full story. If we feel ourselves getting too heady about it all, return to the heart, the felt sense of knowing. Keep trusting and leaning into that.

We literally have free range as long as we are letting go and making room to create the new life we want. To feel into and ask the questions: What lights me up? What brings me joy? And to follow that subtle or strong pulling and stirring. We are learning that we can trust that!

We may have dual sides at play (Gemini), some self-doubt or unworthiness floating about, while simultaneously experiencing this other side of utter self-trust, openness, full self-surrender, and inhabiting our fullness of worth and value. This is all okay because, after all, this is the natural part of growth and opening to a new chapter, one that was made for us, by us. It is the co-creation with life herself.

So, let yourself envision your heart’s desire with this full moon/lunar eclipse energy. Let yourself dream and imagine all the things you want to feel (love, peace, joy, abundance).

Let the feeling be your guide.

You already have all those energies within you, even now. And, yes, in that process of opening to higher energy, we will feel the old, heavier, denser energy more strongly, as it comes up to the surface of our consciousness. Know that no matter what you feel, you are never doing anything wrong. Keep trusting, even in the dark, what is being asked to be felt.

The question remains in any moment:

Can I trust what I feel in my heart a little bit more?

Can we surrender a little bit more to the possibility that good things are meant to happen? And that we are allowed and safe to let that goodness in? It doesn’t mean we are avoiding “the work,” or that challenging things won’t appear, but the more we allow ourselves to receive, even if in just bite-size increments, the love, joy, and beauty in a moment, the more life is singing a melody of celebration. Nothing pleases the ancestors and spirits more than when we are letting ourselves open to the flow, to the song, to the dance of life—in us, through us, as us.

May we have the courage to open. May we have the strength to withstand the storms. May we have the willingness to soften and surrender. May we have the faith to keep trusting.

And in that trust, may we know that we are already on our way.


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