May 15, 2021

When We Become Mothers, our Homes can be Mirrors to our Bodies. 

Our homes can be mirrors for our bodies in motherhood.

How we run. How we feel. How we interact with space and our relationships.

Our homes also reflect our journey of motherhood, as we learn how to build and reshape things, try new ways, update our areas, sit amidst a mess, and organize our chaos.

We also redefine emotional objects, create pathways, and purge old habits. We make gardens, paint rooms, and redecorate our environment.

But sometimes, our homes have areas we cannot tend to. Some go untouched for a while, as we aren’t ready for it or cannot prioritize it yet.

When we place some attention to our homes, our bodies and our health shift. We see things improving. We tend to our garden, our home base, our core, and our foundation.

When we have children, our bodies and minds go through a massive change. We have to learn how to cultivate kindness and self-compassion for ourselves. We have to take the time to be in our home, our body, once it has changed. We have to breathe in space for the change and transition to happen.

I bring this up because sometimes, we’re not comfortable being at home. Like I said, our homes are like our bodies too.

After having children, we change. Our values, our priorities, our dreams, our desires, our traumas, our triggers, and the hidden parts of our childhood come up to the surface.

And then, suddenly, we are there in the moment. We become a new parent, trying to figure out which part of our home and vessel we want to engage with or talk to. It is why so many homeowners can only tackle so many projects at one time. It’s a whole lot of home, with many different things to update or tend to. You can’t get to it in a day. Some only get to certain parts.

Let’s take shutters for example. Shutters are purely aesthetic pieces that we place on the sides of the window. I am not sure who came up with this piece to be the feature of the homes, but we have it. We add the shutters, we take them off, and we update our decks or add pathways.

I believe that we tend to our homes and ourselves when we want to give them attention—when we want to improve and make things better. It’s why we can examine how we feel in our homes to be able to see how it plays out for us in our daily lives.

As a young parent, I had to clean up and make some lifestyle changes to my home, as I noticed that my family wasn’t running well with the current overall aesthetic, and, to be honest, I wasn’t either. I was working outside of my home for long hours with a young family. I wasn’t comfortable coming home because things were off and not aligned. I wasn’t sure where to start, but I began to take a look at the why and my own kids—what they needed and what had to shift.

Our homes mirror our bodies. If we are not well and at home, everything on the outside suffers, and so does the inside. I can’t blame myself for not knowing I wasn’t going to feel comfortable with the dramatic shifts taking place inside and outside my home.

So, I’ll share this piece of wisdom again. When we place some attention to our homes, our bodies and our health shift. We see things improving.

And then, we know we’ve arrived back home—back to our true selves. Never doubt how your home mirrors your body and your daily living.

I’m grateful to be at home.


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