May 29, 2021

Why it’s okay to Let Go of a Spiritual Teacher.

Some time ago, I followed a well-known spiritual teacher.

I took her courses and listened to her YouTube videos. I immersed myself in her community.

Her message resonated with me—I was a fully paid up fan.

As I began to grow with her teachings, I realized that some no longer resonated with me—especially if the message related to politics or the mediumship of a famous person.

Sometimes I’d leave it a week before getting caught up on her videos. As I began to explore further, read wider, and listen to other points of view, I had an uncomfortable revelation.

Her message no longer sang to my soul. It no longer resonated with me. I had learned all I wanted from her and was ready to move forward. This was crushing. I really felt I had found my teacher, and I did experience grief at the end of this relationship that had served me so well.

I spent a few weeks bewildered at what had happened. I had put faith, trust, and money into courses that now seemed like a waste of energy and effort.

When leaving a teacher without having a personal relationship with them (when it’s all through the internet) and there is no one to contact at any time, it’s hard. The other person has no idea that you’ve been feeling like this, and you daren’t question in the comment section for fear of personal attack; you float looking for safe harbor.

You simply unfollow and disappear without a trace in the ether of the internet.

It was like a relationship breakup, just that the other person wasn’t aware of that relationship. I wish her and her followers well, but it’s no longer for me. It was time to move forward with those who resonate with my soul. It does leave me wary of other teachers—lesson learned, and discernment is key.

This wasn’t about my ego stating I was better than her. It truly was like the old adage: people are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime

These things happen, and I want you to know that it’s okay. It’s okay to move on and find new teachers. To look into your heart and realize that you are your greatest teacher and to send the old teacher gratitude and love for what they have taught you.

Here’s what I have learned from the experience:

1. Teachers, like people, will come and go throughout our lives. Enjoy the constant flow and don’t fight against it, trying to hold on to the old.

2. Our intuition starts to nudge us when it’s time to branch out and look to other sources or perhaps teaching us to question exactly what our truth is.

3. Don’t rely on just one teacher and expect to only ever have one teacher—we didn’t at school.

4. Acknowledge all that has been learned. Thank our spiritual teachers for their wisdom.

It’s okay to grieve and take some time. Don’t just jump straight into another teacher’s community; allow the teaching to sink in and take all the good bits that make your soul sing.

Look inside. What have you learned about yourself?

We are our greatest teachers, and we do have all the answers we need. It’s just that we look to others for them so often. We will learn and grow and while having this human experience, we will be on the fastest track for inner growth.

People come and go in our lives. Love each soul and thank them for all that they have taught us.

Know that the greatest teacher you will ever have is you.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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