June 6, 2021

234 Words on the Raw Power of Grief.

Grief’s Tenderness

When my broken heart wails
Oh how I long to come home
In the midst of such discomfort
Embrace rarely arrives easily

So I fetter away from longing
Tempting myself
I distance away from the core
I want to drown in forgetfulness
Yet there’s no compassion here
No, not down this path



I hear a whisper
My heart
Oh my heart…
It mourns softly
That ancient melancholy
That enigmatic haunting sombre note

I can no longer run
Nor can I hide
My heart
It bleeds.

I drop to my knees
Here in the womb of love
I die
Surrendering resistance
And the fight that once entombed me
I curl into fetal position
I offer myself to be cleansed
By the raw power of grief

Oh bittersweet truth
You awaken me
To see
Where I abandoned myself
Mistakenly I believed
I don’t matter
Arising now
To awaken
I feel and sense
I matter
How I truly matter

This mattering
Is a radiating of deepest essence
I am…
I am…
All needs
All longing
Be-longs here
I belong
In essence

So I let grief touch me
These deepest parts of me
This love reveals
How all is sacred
In the same tapestry that weaves my soul
This Divine Beloved is me
And the one’s who come
And the one’s who go
I embrace them
In abiding tenderness


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Read 2 comments and reply

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