June 3, 2021

3 Types of Sexual Fantasies we (probably) all Have.

When people say you can find anything on Reddit, they aren’t kidding.

Reddit “has several great erotic fiction threads that round up tales of man-woman sex, same-gender lovin’, BDSM, group sex, voyeurism, sex parties, and more.” ~ Refinery29

Don’t be turned off by the titles. They might seem a little vulgar, but there are some surprisingly well-written erotica pieces on there!

Here are three erotica stories I found on Reddit (with a little teaser):

1. “First date with a [F]ucktoy…

“It’s you. You exhale through your nose, kissing me harder, our tongues tangling together. My hand is in your hair, holding the back of your head as my other hand goes up…”

“You sigh and grab my head as I kiss your pelvis bone, licking across your pink lips. The taste of your excitement covers my tongue as I make your knees shake.”

2. “Caught in the Rain

“My kisses slid down the side of her neck, back to her breasts, around both of her nipples, down her torso, and finally to her inner right thigh. She took off the shorts and spread her legs ever so slightly, allowing my soft lips to…”

3. “I [19F] dominated a man [26M] for the first time in my life and I loved it.

“I took my time teasing him, removing my clothes inch by inch while lowering my ass on his lap once in a while. I love licking and kissing, his hands would fondle my breasts as my tongue made its way down his torso. My eyes would lock his as I licked his torso all the way down to his pant. Our eyes battling as I undid his zipper and…”


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