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June 23, 2021

What is a Mystic knot in Feng Shui ?

The mystic knot is one of the most commonly used symbols in feng shui. This knot symbolizes a joyful and happy long life of good fortune. Mystic knot is also known as the endless knot or eternal knot (in Chinese, it is also known as the “Pan Chang” knot). It is made up of 6 times the infinity symbol. This mystic knot is one of Buddhism’s eight magical auspicious objects. It denotes that there is no beginning or end, reflecting Buddhism’s belief in endless cycles of birth and rebirth.

This popular symbol is thought to have evolved from the Naga, which is an ancient symbol depicting two intertwined snakes. The dramatic interaction and interplay of two opposing forces in life, good and evil, is symbolized by this duelling snake image. These two eventually become one and bring harmony to the universe (just like Yin and Yang). The intertwining of these lines also symbolizes a never-ending cycle of cause and effect that connects the past, present, and future. As a result, this symbol is also used to remind people that current actions have long-term positive effects.

Ways to use the mystic knot

Many decorative charms in Asian culture feature the mystic knot. A never-ending red cord knot is frequently paired with another Asian symbol. In feng shui, the red colour is the luckiest. It’s the colour of fire, protection, and life and vitality all rolled into one.

The mystic knot is a motif found on ornaments, artwork, clothing, jewelry, tattoos, and so on.

The mystic knot is a motif found on ornaments, artwork, clothing, jewellery, tattoos, and so on. The mystic knot can be worn, carried, or displayed in your home. You can even learn how to make one with a cord or draw one. Connecting with the symbol is more important than the method. Pay attention to this knot if you find yourself drawn to it. It’s also a good idea to look into how it relates to your own cultural heritage.

Bagua areas to use the mystic knot

The interesting part about feng shui is that you can use the Bagua energy map to help you locate items that correspond to a specific intention. To learn how to place the Bagua on your home, check out our other posts. Here’s a list of all the Bagua areas, along with suggestions for how to use the mystic knot symbol (intentionally) in each one.

Kun: Relationships and Partnerships 

Another feng shui favourite, the home’s love corner is essential if you want to have a long and healthy relationship. Inviting more compassion and wisdom into your current or future romantic relationship is easy with the mystic knot.

Li: Popularity and Reputation 

The Li area is linked to both your visibility and your life inspiration. Your fire energy is represented by the Li position. Make a mystic knot in this area of your home as a reminder to check in with your level of inspiration and fire in your life on a regular basis.

Dui: Completion and Children

This context is about children and joy. If you want to bring more connectedness, continuity, and wisdom to your family, this is a great one for the mystic knot.

Tai Qi (centre): Health and Overall Well-being

The centre of your home has an impact on your overall well-being and all aspects of your life. The centre of your home would be an excellent location for a mystic knot if you want to ensure that everyone in your family lives a long and healthy life.

Qian: Travel and Helpful People

This section is all about taking the help of benefactors. A mystic knot in this Bagua area could be tied with the intention of attracting an endless supply of help and support for you and your family.

Gen: Cultivation and Self-Knowledge

Your spirituality and knowledge are linked to the Gen area. Try a mystic knot in this area to represent your commitment to weaving together your inner and outer lives for true compassion and wisdom if you want to cultivate your inner world.

Kan:  Your Professional life and Life Path

This Bagua section is about your professional and personal goals. If you want to increase your wisdom and compassion in whatever path you choose, the mystic knot is a lovely symbol to include here.

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