July 3, 2021

But do we Really Have it All?

Do you look like you “have it all” but feel something is wrong?

That substance and love are somehow missing?

The meaning of love itself has been diluted, so I wish there was another word to describe what I’m talking about.

I’m referring to living in a state where your heart, mind, and spirit are experiencing and sharing love.

It can be the love that grows within a family. The love you experience when you give selflessly to someone you care about. The love you have for your children, parents, relatives, friends, animals, and/or significant other. The peace you feel in nature. The comfort you feel from an answered prayer. The joy you feel when creating.

It has always existed; it has always been there.

Without love, humans dry up like an old shriveled rose and fall off the life-giving branch. We turn bitter like old milk and others want to spit us out. Mold grows in our every nook and cranny like a bathroom corner without proper ventilation.

With love, we’ll forever drink from the fountain of youth. Our hearts will be young and joyful all of our days. Our energy and intentions will be pure. Our blessings will be like an abundant garden that keeps producing. Beauty will shine from our eyes, and we will bless all who know us.

Sadly, so much of our world has traded a loving existence in for a transactional one. And so many of us have gaping holes in our souls that lead to a myriad of symptoms that are impossible to hide.

I wish for everyone to live in a state of love and true connection. To value bonds with others. To understand how completely rejuvenating and essential a loving state of being is to our existence and experience. And to see what the world has lost, why, and how to get it back.

While money is often a necessity in modern life, may we not let it rule our minds or hearts. May we see beyond the human-made system we’ve fabricated, which has no real substance, and have boundaries we don’t allow it to cross.

Not everything can or should be bought.

May we remember what really matters at the root of existence and let that be our compass.



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