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July 15, 2021

He said

“It’s nobody’s business, it’s your body,” he said

Like he believed it

“I know you don’t like to ask for help and all,” he said

Like he knew me already

“Go off! Feeling your emotions is healthy,” he said

Like he could hold them

“Take this off,” he said

Like he waited too long already to see my skin

“Oh no I know what I want,” he said

Like he didn’t have to convince me

“Kinda think we need a solid day of pleasure,” he said

Like all he wanted to do was make me feel good

“We should talk about this more in person sometime,” he said

Like he actually cared to hear

“That’s a topic I’d love to hear you go off on,” he said

Like he enjoyed my passion

“I think that says more about your values than anything,” he said

Like it was a stab at me.

“I think I wanna take some space to calm down and think a bit,” he said

Like he was already leaving

“Not ghosting,” he said

Like he already was

“I apologize for my lack of communication. If you’re amenable I’d like to speak on what came up for me,” he said

Like he actually did

But he didn’t say

He didn’t say

He didn’t say

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