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July 23, 2021

How To Manifest During Mercury Retrograde & Flip the Script on Mercury’s Backward Boogie

Mercury retrograde, that dreaded time every few months where Mercury appears to move backward and mess up everything from communication to travel, resulting in multiple misunderstandings. The struggle is real. And yet, Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap.

Instead of focusing on everything that can go wrong during Mercury Retrograde, let’s focus on how to use Mercury’s backward boogie to your advantage. The element — earth, air, fire or water — Mercury is retrograde in will drive focus in a particular area. In 2021, Mercury is retrograde three times in air signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

Because air signs are highly communicative, the things that can go awry will likely be based on your failure to communicate and gather and share appropriate information. Just knowing this can help you avoid a lot of Mercury retrograde pitfalls. Err on the side of over-communicating during every Mercury retrograde in 2021.

To use Mercury retrograde to manifest, Astrologist Susan Miller of Astrology Zone explains that the period when Mercury appears to travel backward is a good time to focus on all things “re:” redo, reassess, repair, repeat, redesign, or revisit.

“It’s always human nature to want to hear that new opportunities are coming our way, but we really do need to focus on the quality of our work and improve it to the best it can be. Often this is a better use of our time than continually chasing the newest idea. Mercury retrograde allows you to be thorough and to perfect your performance,” Miller explains on Astrology Zone.

So, if you have a vision board take a good look at it. What have you ignored? What do you want to reassess? What are you no longer interested in? If you don’t have a vision board you can simply take a mental inventory. Once you have this clear in your head, focus your intentions, meditations and actions in this direction.

Even if it doesn’t feel like things are going your way during Mercury retrograde, the work you put in now will bare fruit once Mercury goes direct. Miller provides some examples.

  1. “Perhaps you have been working on a project that seems to have gone down the wrong path. When Mercury retrogrades, it could become evident that the project needs to be altered slightly or redirected. Even if you did not get your way originally, if you argue your case persuasively, things might go your way now.”
  2. “You stall on accepting a job offer, and lo and behold, a better one comes your way in the meantime.”
  3. “You refrain from buying a certain big-ticket item, and within a few weeks, the coveted item goes on sale and you will be glad you waited.”
  4. “If a meeting is postponed or canceled, you have more time to gather additional information that probably will come in quite handy.”
  5. “If you are in sales, go back to old customers and clients. You may do better by asking for more business from people who have always trusted you than by trying to extend your reach into new sales territory. Former customers like being contacted, and under Mercury retrograde, you will have the time to do so.”
  6. “Missing objects are likely to be found. That beautiful bracelet wasn’t lost after all – it was on your bookshelf, behind your favorite book!”

Remember, what you focus on is what will show up. So if you’re counting on everything going wrong, that’s what will likely happen. But if you flip the script on Mercury retrograde and use its power to your advantage, you might be surprised at the magic you’re able to manifest.

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